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As long as you're not growing food in it, go for it.
I'm hungry!

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Originally Posted by CaptSquid View Post
That's the route I'm goin'...IF I decide to do another bus conversion everything I build/install will be removable to put into the next project [bolted it]. Or could be removed to redo problem areas as in body work, floors, cross members etc.... if I decide to keep this one.
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ProMaster DIY Camper Van Conversion -- DIY Composting Toilet

I'm going to design one like this with a modified and repurposed hospital bed pan. I'm still not sure how legal it is to dump urine with grey water, but that's what I'd like to do.
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I'm planning on avoiding a black tank at all costs. Heck, right now its a bucket with cat litter so- anything is an upgrade.

I don't think all parts of Washington are that strict. Seems like plenty of folks have had their busses retitled with just 'intent to convert' and done fine. I doubt they'd get hung up on a black tank if you found the right person on the right day.
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been full-timing with my redneck version of composting toilet since August.

Once you get into the groove of "dealing with your poo", it is really no big deal. If you DON'T deal with poo, you are gonna deal with a stinky hose, every few days, or you will be stuck in some park, tied to some system.

If done anywhere close to correctly, there is no smell.
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Originally Posted by gbstewart View Post
I like my porcelain toilet , and black water tank, works great.
that's just me

I like my porcelain throne. It's as nice as the one I have at home.
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Yup. I have the same one. Good 'ol Dometic 320. Nicer than some residential ones.

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We use sawdust and Kitty litter and if you take care of your business every day no smell and no black tanks and no plumbing. Everyone has their own priorities and the the things that matter most to them so you have to make your choices concerning what matters most to you.
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Originally Posted by JA Savage View Post
Everyone has their own priorities and the the things that matter most to them so you have to make your choices concerning what matters most to you.
Most important response so far, you need info on all your options. If shiny white porcelain was important to you, I am sure you would not have inquired about composting? I think you might ask yourself a few questions, concerning what is most important.

For me, mobility and freedom were and are most important. Being tied to a campground or dumping once every week was simply not an option. Not to mention the extra water (4-5x as much) needed to flush the porcelain god was a deal killer.

In fact, the ONLY reason I can't stay out in the woods for a month or more, is my small freshwater tank requires me to refill every 2 weeks. BUT, I do have all that room underneath to strap another fresh tank, since I am not hauling 100 gallons of sewage around.

And I will never trade my "poo patrol" duties for any of the "poo-hose" monkey duties......ever!!

You will have to deal with your poo, one way or the other, or pay someone else to do it.

Or stay plugged up permanently to the sewer-grid?
My 3 Year Adventure
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Originally Posted by Locutus View Post
And I believe the porta potti is more environmentally friendly because composting toilet owners (in boats and vehicles) tend to bag the solid waste and throw it in the trash.
There are of course some potential issues with throwing poop in the trash from a biohazard perspective - though we throw away baby diapers by the truckload every year - but:

Within a fairly short period of time, that poop (and peat moss/coconut fibre/wood chips/coffee grounds) is dirt. Regular, nutrient-rich dirt.

Have a read into what's involved in processing human waste in its effluent/sludge form, having come in through a toilet - spoiler: it requires an enormous amount of equipment, energy and water - and you might change your mind on that.

I don't think there's any contest when comparing the 'environmental friendliness' of the process; the only real questions (short of RV requirements - didn't know that about WA) are whether or not you mind handling poop-dirt, and if you're comfortable with the idea of storing crap inside your home. The way we handle our waste in the west generally makes us a bit uncomfortable with this, but I've lived in a sailboat and slept on a pillow of my own poop (ok, it was in a tank under the bunk, but still...) so I'm generally ok with it myself. But it's definitely a personal choice.

We will be using a composting toilet - and probably a manufactured one because a happy wife something something - and I will also be figuring out how to add a urinal too because screw sitting down to pee.
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