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Originally Posted by Dapplecreek View Post
Ya GOTTA watch this:

He has lots of good ideas, but the best is putting gravy in the windshield washer reservoir so you can baste the turkey while you're driving...
That was funny. I tried cooking on the engine once. I put something up near the turbo. It wasn't to my satisfaction.
I'm hungry!

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Thanks Dapplecreek for wasting an hour of my day

I always seem to find new shows
Our build La Tortuga
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Originally Posted by Kim_in_Indiana View Post
Okay, my 12 year old had a fantastic idea. We literally just got this bus yesterday. It's a fiberglass 28' diesel shuttle.

Pulled it into the driveway and he looks at the back and says, "instead of putting the kitchen inside, what about making a fold down box and putting the kitchen outside. Then we could have a table that slides out from there and have a place to sit food out." Kitchen being Coleman stove and sink. I've been eyeing those fish cleaning stations for $50 anyway and doing a foot pedal sink.

It does have a tow package, so we want to keep that available. I'm searching on Pinterest but don't see anything yet. Has anyone come across anything like this? I need to take a closer look at how the frame goes into the back of the vehicle.
That`s very creative, can i include this ideas to.

No you may not. If you post with your website attached again, you will be banned and President Sisi will send a few guys over to have a nice chat with you.
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Originally Posted by crazycal View Post
That was funny. I tried cooking on the engine once. I put something up near the turbo. It wasn't to my satisfaction.
My biggest fondest childhood memory...
When I was 7, my Grandmother was cafeteria manager for Marina Del Rey school in California. She'd buy cases of frozen burritos and bring home.

When Grandpa took me to the cement pond for my swimming lessons, he'd wrap 3 or 4 burritos in aluminum foil, and throw them on the intake of his old '66 retired bakery panel truck... We'd drive out, get my lessons, then have warm burritos for lunch. That was 43 years ago, and I'll never forget him... I miss him daily.
I once complained I had no shoes....
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Originally Posted by crazycal View Post
You need to be pretty coordinated to cook while chasing after the bus.
Don't worry, the extension cord will pull it up short and keep it from getting too far!
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a stainless steel fold down shelf would be a nice addition, maybe not full kitchen but a least a camp ready place to start.
Turfmobile Build Thread
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We have a 1990 Thomas handicap short bus and want to do a chuckbox/camp kitchen that pulls out of the side lift door (still have to remove the lift to make room). Because we have kept the seats intact, the only room for a camp kitchen is something that can be pulled out because there isn't enough room for a kitchen inside.

These photos are the closest I've seen to what we want to do:
Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box - Page 43 - Expedition Portal
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Originally Posted by slaughridge85 View Post
Not a bad idea, but where do you cook if the rain is blowing in sideways or its 10 degrees outside?
You go to Arizona
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Old thread, OP may or may not be around, and this is probably posted elsewhere here, but I like it, and think it may help teamdixiechickens:

Not off the back as the OP was thinking, but creative. Fridge is inside, but everything else, sink, grill, stove, chuckbox, is outside.
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Interesting but too "weather dependent" for me.
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