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Good job figuring out that mystery!

I spent many a pleasant afternoon removing useless wiring from my bus loom and mine was nowhere as tangled as yours.
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Just a quick note about inverters, generators and such. To run computers, TV's, microwaves, or basic Hi tek electronics, you will need a "Pure Sine Wave Inverter" and yes they are a bit more expensive, but not when you think of the money you will save on electronics you would have blown on fluctuating power. They will convert 12 or 24 volt DC to pure 110 volt AC I use one on my solar system Battery bank.

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I use car charger style adapters to run my laptops, they are cheap and reliable. I used to run a 12v tv, but it used a lot of power. Now I just use my laptop for a tv.
Living the dream in the Kootenays
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12V separation from combustibles

It's been a while since I last posted here, and I am thrilled to say that Velda is now registered as a Motor Home, with license plates and everything! She's legal! (Driving her is SO MUCH FUN!!!)

But that's beside the point of this post, which is regarding the wiring for my internal 12V lighting. When I connect the ground for coach lights/fans/etc. to the chassis, how much separation do I need between the connection and any combustibles - if any space is required at all?

Clearly, I'd never dream of having a 120V connection in anything other than a junction box or other approved "container", but it doesn't seem like 12V systems require the same kind of separation where wires are connected (I'm putting ALL wires, for both 12V and 120V systems, in conduit to protect them from abrasion). Since the entire wooden interior is screwed into the metal exterior in about a thousand places, and since the metal exterior is the return leg for the 12V system, it follows that the 12V system cannot be separated from the combustible wood interior. That said, the part of me that has experience with 120V systems is rather uncomfortable about having the ground/return wire connection to the frame directly adjacent to wood/plywood.

I'm probably being overly cautious/paranoid, but I'd love to hear from others that no separation between 12V connections and wood/plywood is required before I insulate and cover the interior with paneling.

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I'm not an electrician but have been told repeatedly by folks who are that you should never run 12v and 110 wires close together. Something about the 110 "bleeding" current over into the other wiring.

Anyone here know more about this?
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You are correct in that a 120 volt wire running parallel with any other wire
will induce an a/c current and voltage into the other wire be it 12 volt or any
other low voltage wire. This is why my bus has the 120 volt wiring running
down the bottom of the chair rail and the 12 volt wires where the factory
put them.
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Oh, for *@%!

I recall hearing/reading that 12V and 120V should only cross at right angles, but somehow missed the "don't run them next to each other" part. Guess I get to rip out everything I just finished two days ago and re-do my 120V system.

If it isn't one thing, it's eighteen others, isn't it?...
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I suspect that there is always a to-do list when you own a Skoolie.
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I once complained I had no shoes....
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That all is true, voltage in reality the current induces voltage,.. really current in neighboring wiring. If you would have audio microphone cables then you could probably notice it. For 12 volt lights wiring no ill effects can be inspected when you run that parallel in close proximity to the AC wiring.
12 volt circuits are all relative high current and thus low impedance. The induced AC component is minimal.
Now if that AC wire would 480 and go to an 400 Amp arc welder and your 12 volt wiring would power your laptop then maybe i would take some precaution.
As long as you clearly indicate what is the low voltage and what is the high voltage wires then you should be OK.

Later J
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