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ICBC info on conversions

I got this from my autoplan broker this afternoon.

Definition of a motor home (vehicle type 5)

Motor home means a motor vehicle designed or used primarily for accommodation during travel or recreation, but does not include a motor vehicle that has attached to it a structure:

• designed or used primarily for accommodation during travel or recreation, and

• designed or intended to be detachable

This exception is intended to exclude campers mounted on pickup trucks from motor home status.

Design requirements

ICBC interprets "designed primarily for accommodation" to mean a motor vehicle that has sleeping facilities and at least three of the following attached to the chassis in a manner that requires a tool for removal:

• cooking facilities

• refrigeration or icebox facilities

• self-contained toilet (not capable of easy removal like a porta-potty type)

• heating or air conditioning facilities independent of the vehicle's motor

• potable water supply system including a faucet and a sink

If the vehicle that you are registering cannot meet the qualifications that "designed primarily for accommodation" requires, the body style would likely be one of the following:

• a station wagon

• a van or window van

• a leisure van

When registering a motor vehicle designed or used primarily for accommodation during travel or recreation, use body style MOHOM and body style code 60.

Van or bus conversion

Converted vans and buses may be registered as motor homes, provided they meet the design requirements and the living quarters are permanently attached to the vehicle. This may include vehicles described by motor dealers as campers/campwagons or van conversions.

Structural changes require a "passed" BC Vehicle Inspection Report (CVSE0013 or CVSE0014) if not completed by a Transport Canada-approved secondary vehicle manufacturer or if the vehicle is classed as a ubilt.

What qualifies as a motor home

The Motor Vehicle Act describes a motor home as a vehicle that is primarily used and designed for accommodation during travel and recreation. If you are unsure whether a vehicle qualifies, pictures may be helpful, especially for ubilt motor homes. Start by looking for a door, windows, ventilation for cooking, and a bathroom.


Certain fixtures must be attached in a way that requires tools to remove them. ICBC also require that the vehicle modifications will meet Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as established by Transport Canada and that all the fixtures and materials, including plumbing and wiring, will be Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved. For contact information, see Canadian Standards Association .

Water Supply

A potable water supply means fresh water for drinking. This supply would be kept in a sanitary holding tank that will prevent contamination and should utilize a pump operated by a deep cycle storage battery to deliver the water to a sink, shower, or toilet. Just bringing a hose to the side of the vehicle is not acceptable. It must have its own independent water supply. Note, though, that many RV parks do provide fresh water hookups, and this is acceptable.

Cooking facilities

As a minimum, the cooking facilities should include a refrigerator, cooktop, and a stove or microwave. A propane tank installed under the vehicle usually fuels appliances. The entire propane installation must be certified as safe by an inspector approved by the Gas Safety Program. For contact information, see BC Safety Authority . The fridge may use electricity (12 VDC or 110 VAC) as an alternate source of power, and many do, but must also be able to operate independently. The interior lighting and, sometimes, a microwave, will operate off a deep cycle 12 volt battery. Many RV parks provide electrical hookups as an alternative to the battery or an onboard generator.

Heating and air conditioning

The heat source that we ask for is usually attached to the propane system. A thermostat within the vehicle is used to regulate the temperature. An electrical heater powered by an external source does not qualify as the primary heat source. The air conditioning unit is usually mounted on the roof of the vehicle and is separate from the air conditioner that is powered by the vehicle's motor and used while travelling. The air conditioner for the living quarters is usually powered by electricity.

Holding tanks

With a sink and a shower, we also expect that there will be a grey water tank under the vehicle to hold the water until the next sani-station. With a toilet, we would insist on a black water tank under the vehicle to hold the sewage until the next sani-station. Without these tanks, the sink, shower, and toilet would have to be considered as incomplete and unusable.
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pretty much the norm listing for most of us
my bus build viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5931
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Wood stoves?

Know anything about the regulations regarding them?

And where in SE BC are you? I'm in Revy along with another converter.. both just at the beginning of conversions
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