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Instructions on how to dump a black tank

It has dawned on me that many here on the forum have not RVed and really aren't knowledgeable about how to go about dumping a waste tank.

First things first. Rent RV (Robin Williams) and watch the tank dumping section. In reality, dumping your tanks won't be that bad. But you see those folks sitting around watching... A first time RVer is very entertaining . Ask nicely and you may get some helpful advice. Won't be done for you, but you will get advice.

We don't do the dishwashing detergent thingy. We DO use disposable gloves. Latex/nitrile/plastic gloves are available in the pharmacy section of Wal-Marts. We buy ours from Sam's Club (Nitrile in pharmacy, plastic in the restaurant supply section). Keep a tube of EU6000 (craft section at Wal-Mart) to patch tiny cracks/holes in the sewer hose (let dry overnight) in case of an emergency.

Weekenders tend to hit the dump station (and leave) on Sunday around mid morning or so, depending on when checkout time is. We try to dump at the dump station on a weekday (Monday afternoon or Tuesday Morning and Thursday afternoon BEFORE the weekenders show up) if we have to dump while in a no sewer site. I do have a "Blue Tote". Except mine is a greyish colour and not a Barker brand. So it's not really a "blue" tote but they are all called that... either Blue Tote or Blue Boy.

There are a couple of different brands and they come in different sizes. I would suggest that you buy a 4 wheeler side discharge (like the ones in the picture... discharge is at the logo on the pic). I say this because I have a two wheeled one that gets very heavy very quickly and in order to dump, I have to lift it up on end. That's a lot of weight when you are talking about a 30 gallons of... stuff. I have put my back out more than once tipping it up. Many folks will add pneumatic tires (usually from Harbor Freight/Northern Tool type places) and the tank wheels are small and the tank rides close to the ground. Mine is all scraped up on the bottom from hauling to dump stations. Mine is about 10 years old. Get the "bobber" that fits into the vent to let you know when the tote is full (I had to drill a tiny hole in the top of my bobber because the air would force the bobber "up" signaling it was full when it wasn't). Your tote should be about the size of your black tank if it's feasible. A short sewer hose and fittings dedicated for your tote is a good idea too. Worse part of a tote is you have to carry the bulky thing around with you. Manufactured RVs tend to bungie cord them to the rear ladder. Others who don't have a ladder come up with various ways to carry them. You do not want to carry one inside with you. I generally store mine while in a site slid up under the RV.

The first few times you dump, have everything ready to (gloves, hoses, etc) and try to dump when there isn't a line at the station. Take your time and make sure the hoses are securely attached before you open the valve. When ready to open the valve, do so slowly,in case the hoses aren't on right and may leak.
This post is my opinion. It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.
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