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Water-based exterior LATEX Paint - Mistake?

So I just sprayed the roof and upper parts of my bus in this stuff....then read up on latex paint on the forum....
  • olorPlace Ultra Exterior Paint & Primer is available in thousands of decorator colors and is backed by a lifetime warranty. This premium quality 100% acrylic coating offers excellent hide and adhesion while providing a weather-resistant finish. The Paint & Primer feature enables ColorPlace Ultra® coating to be applied directly over bare surfaces of non-bleeding wood, vinyl, aluminum, masonry, stucco and galvanized metal without the use of a separate primer. Premium quality at an everyday value!
    Premium quality Paint & Primer
    100% Acrylic formula
    Excellent coverage and hide
    Strong adhesion to house and trim surfaces
    Tough, weather-resistant coating
    Low temp application down to 35°F
    Ideal for Aluminum & Wood Siding, Doors & Trim
    For use on vinyl, aluminum, masonry, stucco, wood, galvanized metal, and primed steel
    Lifetime Warranty
    Premium quality at everyday value

What can I do now to fix this so it doesn't flake off later? We did scuff the body and peel off the reflective tape.

P.S. At least the roof isn't a source of unbearable heat anymore.

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Yeah, latex house paint is bad news. Your best bet is to strip it all off and start over with proper material.
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Originally Posted by PNW_Steve View Post



Yeah, latex house paint is bad news. Your best bet is to strip it all off and start over with proper material.
YEah strip it off.
or live with it and fix it when you need to.
I'd not finish the whole bus off in it though.
Roll Your Own Build Thread
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A pressure washer might remove that paint.
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Enamel, or oil based paint for exterior finish...No latex or water based paint...
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I will say it again, industrial acrylic enamel paint work very well for me. I'm over 10 years on it and it is still holding up. It is water based, at least as far as clean-up. It won't ever be as shiny as a good automotive paint, but it is made for outdoor on metal applications.
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@ bus-bro, so what brand of industrial acrylic enamel paint are you using? I've found that Sherwin Williams makes it, but I'm having a little trouble finding a retailer that sells it around here. I'm not in a rush for exterior paint yet, plenty of other more pressing stuff to do, but I really want a white roof and absolutely no yellow anywhere on the bus.
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If you decide to strip it, you may find that the application of an ammonia-based cleaner and letting it soak for a few minutes will make that latex paint come off in sheets. Of course you will want to test a spot to make sure it doesn’t hurt the underlying paint.
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there are water born automotive finishes available now - ( acrylic finishes ) - they hold up very well - absolutely FORGET using water born or latex house paint on steel surfaces - it could be done in theory, with the right primers and preparation, but costs would still be up their with machinery enamel and house paint has a VERY limited life even on houses and much less on a bus - for the best job, use an automotive paint - 2nd best use a quick dry industrial enamel, and way back in 3rd place use a rust preventative paint - for number 2 and 3, the finish will not oxidize as much if you spray on a clear coat -without a clear coat your rust paint will be noticeably oxidized and duller in 2 years, the fast dry equipment enamel will show oxidation in 4 years without a clear coat - rust paint primer works well for all the above paints, but will show serious signs of failing in a year if left as a finish coat ( 45 years as a commercial painter )
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Sleddgracer: What is your opinion of the durability of a two-part polyurethane enamel implement (industrial) paint like the PPG AUE-300 series?
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