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Bus Crazy
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I'm building a wet bath on a 30x60 shower pan. The shower drain is centered on one of the 30 inch sides; the toilet is in a corner at the opposite end of the pan. The toilet (with the lid closed) will be a nice place to sit while bathing the little kids who still need help. Hopefully we can mitigate the wet floor vs dirty shoes problem with a kitchen anti-fatigue floor mat. Not sure what to call the style exactly.. honeycomb, maybe? It's an open-cell design so that shower water can fall through the open holes and drain away below the mat. Hopefully at least the top walking surface of the mat will dry quickly.

We're doing the wet bath because it's more important to us to have the finite floor space spent in other ways. Family of 7 needs a lot of space for beds, storage, dining, seating, etc. Eliminating the 30 inch square a toilet closet would have required helps.
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Bus Nut
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I get the space requirements are limited. But when you do a 30 x 60 pan that's as much space as a bathroom and toilet use any how in a RV. 30 or 36 inches square is very standard. Unless it lays out in a design to eliminate a door that would give access to more space but if the door is on the hall way I'm not seeing why any one would put the toilet in the shower.

Like I said my bathroom on boat is this way. Its a very nice all in one fiberglass encloser. But the water never seems to dry up and the shower always seems to be filthy on the floor and water is tracked from one end to the other on board. seven people just sounds like it would be two or three times worse. Which bothers me because it has tile floors and they get slippery but that's not for every one. Carpets would just be messy getting water streak across them.
I dislike it so much I am actually remodeling the boat bath room to separate them at the same time there positions wont move. The toilet is also in the way when showering. I'm not sure if you mean you have it this way and it works better for the kids or if you want it this way hoping it helps with the kids. I just cant imagine how having it in the shower trying to bath a small monster how it being in the way makes it better.
I just don't understand the idea i guess. in actual working with it I just think its the worst thing ever and shortening up the shower pan by half to get the toilet next to it seems to easy. Cleaning the shower every day from shoes in it? wondering if that's pee or water being tracked through the RV? And the toilet seat is always wet some how.
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Bus Crazy
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Well, it's true that many RVs do fit separate toilet and shower spaces into a footprint about the same as my 30x60. That's part of why I'm building a skoolie: I don't like the cramped quarters of airplane lavatories, and I find those just-big-enough mini RV facilities to be not much better. Having both functions share the space means there's plenty of space for standing and moving while pulling up the pants after using the toilet, space for letting the elbows stick all the way out sideways while shampooing the head, etc. We hesitated for quite a while because of concern about wet floors, keeping the toilet paper and clothes/towel dry, etc. Ultimately we decided we could find solutions or at least work-arounds for those problems, and the appeal of the feeling of roominess while using the space won out. Naturally other people might value the space vs water mess differently and that's okay. That's why we're all here building skoolies: so we can have it according to our own "best."
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Bus Crazy
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Originally Posted by Geo Jeff View Post
wondering if that's pee or water being tracked through the RV?
that one gave me a chuckle.
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