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Wood Stoves/Heating

This thread needs a pic of my smoke stack today, plus an added fantastic vent!ImageUploadedByTapatalk1428373157.106245.jpg
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heat shield and stove placement

I made my heat shielf from an old electric stove. I figured if it held a roasting turkey for several would be good for a wood stove. I used the sheet metal and the insulation from the sides on the bottom and back of the wood stove. I built it over a wheelwell cause I figured that space is pretty hinky anyways. It works great. In fact, underneath of my heatshield is the coolest spot on the bus so I stuck my inverter under there. I also used double wall 6" stainless chimney pipe....a 1 piece 5 foot section. Because the wheel well makes the stove so high...I was able to use a 1 piece chimney so I didn't have to worry about it rattling apart. I screwed the chimney collar to the top of my stove and clamped the chimney with it. It's a solid unit.
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Where is the pic?
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Types of small stoves

I know nothing about stoves or their installation, but I want a small one for my small schoolie. Any recommendations and installation tips would be greatly appreciated. I've looked into the Gstove; interesting but pricey. The HQ Issue Stove looked quite good, but I heard mention that that it was designed for outdoor use and the door didn't seal tight. It did appear very simple to assemble, which was a plus. I was also wondering if a stove could be constructed from a large metal mail box; Or is that just dumb?
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Originally Posted by jameshiggins View Post
... I was also wondering if a stove could be constructed from a large metal mail box...
Two reasons not to: 1) the metal is too thin; and 2) they're galvanized. Too hot a fire and you'll get zinc vapor, which can be fatal.

Points for thinking outside the box, though!
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I haven't looked through this whole thread but I'd like to point out that your insurance might not like you having a wood stove in your RV.

FWIW I had a skoolie ask me that on a conversion I just wrote and I was told by National General that they would not allow it. The unit he was looking at was small, would certainly work in the bus and frankly it was pretty neat. That said, it's probably worth checking with your insurance before pursuing the wood stove.
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Looks like this thread has come back to life. I will post a question here about stoves. I am an elk hunter and plan to take my bus into the cold and really want a wood stove. My concerns are anchoring the unit for safety reasons. What luck have members had with anchoring a cast iron stove into their skoolies? I was thinking that a steel stove would be easier as I could weld on some support brackets that I can weld onto the legs where I could then bolt it down to the floor.

Next thing. vent caps. clearance, type, removable while in motion or permanently mounted.

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mail box stove

Thanks for the bad vapor tips. I might test it outdoors anyway just for a laugh. I'm thinking I'd set it up at the driveway entrance and only burn bills and junk mail. Give the mail carrier something to think about. LOL.
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Smile Wood Stoves/ Heating

Thanks for all the info.

As Pit Stop has no engine or transmission, I'm going to build a wood storage box in the gap where the tranny used to be.

After I do all the other small repairs and some insulating that is.

Definitely getting smoke and carbon dioxide detectors as once in a while Pit Stop will be a spare bedroom for company.

Placement of the stove will be tricky as my emergency door is on the side, but if I put the bed by the back door, I think I should be okay.

I'm definitely planning on LOTS of insulation and I'll be going into our local stove shop to pick up heat shields and pick their brains. I imagine its been a few years since anyone around here put a wood fired stove in a bus.

Definitely going to build a hearth under the stove as Pit Stop has a plywood floor.

Any comments or suggestions anyone?--I know for a house stove here in Canada, it has to be a good 18 inches from the wall, not possible in a short bus--help?
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I have a small wood stove that has been used in a skoolie, bolted to the floor.
It is still in the bus and not far away from you, Amissiger road near Barton.
I would be happy to sell the stove or the whole bus, 1975 Gillig.
Remove hence to yonder place....
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