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No, I haven't weighed it yet, I only have the side posts up for the sleeper, but I will weigh it as soon as I get done.
Thanks for the kind words! Don't forget to post your project on here if you get one started, I'm sure we would all like to see it!
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We're onto something huge here...

My friend, you're an inspiration to us all, with your thinkin (& performing)out of the box. As I stated b4, I've already built similar to what u have, believing a medium duty Isuzu FTR 4door, straight six diesel,4sp Allison, 22.5GVWR, 14' Cab to Axle, then 13' Axle to end of beaver tail, was ideal Ca$h Cow with potential to gross $200k/yr as a Haul&Tow, pulling 2travel or cargo Trlrs. Heck, 99.9% of RVs(TT's & 5th whl's) are pulled by $20k-$70k 1ton trucks that then never get backhauls. & these skoolies have same engines(5.9TD, 7.3TD, 8.1 Vortec, etc) that p/u trucks have,& bigger like 3126, DT466, that're staples of class 6-8 trucks. My Isuzu
FTR gave decent 10mpg, but was hard to find parts for and expensive ($3500 radiator, $4000 inject'n pump, $3000 brakes,)assuming I found mechanics to work on it.
These skoolies are what I plan to use to build a fleet of Haul&Tow fltbds. Having 5.9 Cummins or DT466's or 7.3 DT444's w/Allison5&6spds, derated for longevity, we're just SO lucky nobody wants them, making skoolies the best value available. I wish more of the 26k to 30k gvwr ones could be rated down for those of us without CDL-A's. Kudo's to our friend, MrFriend for opening our eyes to how easy and cheap these trucks can surpass the needs of farmers and for hire truckers everywhere.
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My goodness BogistJoeSr, thank you!

I drive trucks and operate equipment for an asphalt company, and our company has hundreds of machines and all of our fuel trucks are just old, some new, box trucks that they through a fuel tank in and an air compressor, and they all have 5.9 cummins' or smaller even, and they can barely pull a load of diesel, let alone a couple of 55gal barrels of hydraulic fluid and engine oil and then spare parts, and just joked around one day about how we should start using buses. Not only would they have MUCH more room, but if you got one with a DT466 or something, plenty of power to pull it! And more reliable than just about anything new these days, and sooooooo much cheaper! I guess I might ought to say something to someone that would make these decisions, haha!

Then again, maybe we shouldn't introduce buses to businesses, lol, because then Skoolie enthusiasts wouldn't be able to get their hands on a bus, lol.
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Anyone have any suggestions about connecting and sealing of my soon to be 'sleeper' to the existing cab.

Someone suggested to do it like a truck sleeper and build a partial wall all the way around the existing body and soon to be body and use an accordion type rubber seal. Buuut, it was also mentioned that would be EXTREMELY difficult to pull off..

The connection would need to be somewhat flexible being the the 'sleeper' is connected to the bed and moves separately from the existing body.

Any suggestions or ideas?!?!
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Other Option

The majority of folks here suggest finding a new bus which, is certainly a safe option.
I have never seen anything like this before but, I wouldn't give up yet.
I had to reskin my bus and I did a lift.
Part of me thinks, it would have been easier to remove the roof panels, ribs and bringing everything off.
Starting with a true flat bed working surface.
You could start from scratch, you could make your own super structure, skin it with anything you like, make it as tall as you want, you could create pop out sections, anything.

I don't see this as a crushing blow and I hope you don't either.
This window may have shut but, I see a blank canvas to work with too.
You have options with your bus, it may be very unique compared to everyone else's skoolies here.

Good luck and have fun.
D.L. Jones III
"The Independence"
98 International
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