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Re: Big Bertha

dunno about liberal v/s whatever We "carry" everywhere and take care of ourselves..... and the whole wire thing...errr...I think personally that stranded extension cords are fine and cheap...would I wire a none moving house with it? probably not (cheaper to go solid)
My chose and I believe flexible wire has less cAN never beat this horse deader
**** much? who knows? we drive 5000 miles a year max....and then we park.
damn...what were we taliking about???

15 amp extension cords are more than fine in my mind is different tho'
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Re: Big Bertha

As long as it's not going to shock the **** out of you...carry the build
My Conversion Thread:
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Re: Big Bertha

Not to start a fight but I take issue with this statement, I consider myself conservative & I'm all for this type of living, it's the librails that demand you conform to their beliefs & way of thinking [/quote]

They were just raised back in the time when you got a job, started a family, worked for the same company for 30 or 40 years and retired in the same house you bought when you were married. Couldn't ask for better parents, they just aren't comfortable with the "non-typical" lifestyle since they were raised and brainwashed by the system. I will say that they have seen the light though due to the circus we call our government and "Commander in Chief". Honestly I'm afraid for what my kids have to look forward too with the way things have been heading (both social and political). I'm doing all I can to expand their views and teach them to not take things at face value. Already got them on board with idea of skoolies and being mobile
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Re: Big Bertha

On the wiring where it passes though the stud walls you will want to mount some metal plates to prevent a wayward screw or nail from coming through and shorting out some of the wires in a future modification or when finishing the walls. Your doing a great job so far and really fast as well.
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Re: Big Bertha

I was about to say the same thing Dragonpop. Here's a pic to help clarify.
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Re: Big Bertha

Any updates? Love to see some new pictures, keep up the great work!
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Re: Big Bertha


Notching out for screw heads in lumber connectors

She made a liner for this basket, plus a piece of 3" foam in the bottom in a soft pillowcase. New baby's bassinet.

Kitchen walls insulated

Kitchen walls, higher outlet is for oven, lower is for fridge.

We had a leak, so we ended up removing this piece of ceiling, filling in a sizable gap with great stuff, throwing a tarp over the bus. Then we decided to roll on a siliconized roof paint. You'll see how that ended up later...

Sprayed inside the partition walls for the added rigidity and sound-deadening. Much faster than trimming rigid board to fit around wires, also.

Had to be REALLY careful not to nick wires when trimming the foam. This was true for pretty much everything we sprayed though.

Kitchen walls covered on the other side as well.

We knew about this major leak for over a month. We decided to rip up the plywood, fix the leak, and make the driver's compartment/stairwell area a wet zone, with some kind of rubber floor coating. It's still up in the air. This pic also lets you know about our hoarding problem.

These curves were fun. She freehanded some, so some came out looking better than others. We used a template from the front walls for the rest.

Decided to scrub the roof with soap & water before rolling on an elastomeric.

And we've also started sleeping in the bus on certain weekends to save time driving back and forth. We use a little butane camp stove for meals, soups, sandwiches and frozen dinner bags!

This looks comfortable. It is, however, blankets on top of plywood.

Rolling it on went fine....

Then it rained for 5 minutes in the middle of the night. We basically woke up and cried in each others arms at 3am. Then after shivering on blanket plywood for another two hours we decided to check out the damage, and it was as bad as I could have imagined.

We rolled the dice on the weather forecast and lost. Serves us right and we learned our lesson.

Line of white on the ground

Then the next weekend some cold winds blew in from outer space and froze our bus.

The weather was freezing at night and warmer during the day, for about an entire week, and the freeze/thaw cycles accumulated enough water on our metal roof to form little icicles.

Kerfed 1/4"

Kitchen toe kick, or "ladder"

Sanding all the nasty mold or whatever off the plywood we put up

Looking better!

Finally! Bunks!

Testing out our stain. It's darker in person, the pic doesn't represent very well.

Wires all buttoned up and ready for spraying

Made a big ol' mess again

Trying to smooth out the ceiling and fill in the gaps with WoodEpox. Results haven't come in yet. It's like marshmallow clay.

Regular wood filler on the screw holes

So we've had some ups & downs, but I think it's going to start coming together in the weeks ahead. we bought most of our appliances, toilet, fireplace, oven, bathroom sink, batteries, solar panels, some odds and ends... thank you black friday!
My wife has been hard at work designing interior textures, colors & fabrics. We almost have all the upholstry for the front sofas. We're going to try to completely finish the back two bedrooms before we move on to other rooms. Stay tuned. Happy thanksgiving!
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Re: Big Bertha

Thanks for the really great update. Personally, I am pleased to know that there are still younger people who are willing to work until their dreams come true. You are setting a mark of excellence for those who follow. Hang on to each other and keep up the good work. Jack
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Re: Big Bertha

Started off on Friday filling & sanding screw holes, smoothing imperfections and filling gaps with wood epoxy.

Hard to find screw holes here! Unfortunately they become really obvious when stained.

It rained hard all day Friday, but we were warm and dry inside.

CD plywood sucks. It's ugly on both sides, and it's more work than it's worth for the little extra you could spend for the nice stuff. Learned.

Rustoleum Dark Walnut

Moved the campsite into the front two rooms because of the fumes and the dust. And we actually have a mattress!

Woke up to some snow!

Sun came out at around noon and temps fell well below freezing shortly thereafter

These are for kids' bunks, staining the underside to match the frame.

Rustoleum satin polyurethane

Kitchen is where the kitchen will be!

Insulation trimmed

Plus sand texture.

Valspar interior satin "tempered gray"

Polyurethane on the bed platforms

Ice lifted up all the rocks on the ground. I have never seen this before. It's awesome. And kind of creepy.

Water heater came!!

And toilet!!

Kids' kitchen.

Playing with fabrics for living room seating, we are getting closer to something that works!

That's all for now. Stay tuned.
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Re: Big Bertha

You have done some real quality work on your project.

Personally I don't like dark wood stains and would have gone with a much lighter color. But it is your project and not mine.

You have done a lot to keep the cold out. I hope you have made provisions for vapor barriers. I would hate to see all of that spray foam get water soaked from condensation.

I hope you left access panels for the different holes that went through the floor from the factory. The most important is the access to the top of the fuel tank. You don't want to have to drop the tank if you ever have an issue with the fuel pick up or fuel sender.

Good luck and keep up the good work.
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