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My garage section takes up the same amount of space as would 28 students. Even at 100 lbs each for high school kids that's a whole lot lighter than my race car at 2015 lbs. Add to that the weight of 14 seats that are not there anymore and there's no real chance of overloading the chassis.
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Thanks for the responses. Understood about the weight, that problem shows up in my car too when loaded up, just on a much smaller scale. I was mostly concerned about dangerously light steering or crazy oversteer (which I would imagine would take some doing), or something along those lines. I think a front engine bus and storing as much heavy stuff between the axles would help a bit.
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Got some minor work done to the bus. The bus tasted plasma for the first time tonight! Started taking the bumper off with a ratchet, and after fighting PB blaster soaked rusty bolts I though "What am I doing?"

Professional setup. Yeah that's a cooler:


Ain't pretty, but it works:

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Ohhhhhhhhhhh Plaaaasssssmaaaa

Wish I had one, or maybe just access to one.
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They are amazing!
I used to run a big one.
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Removed the last of the rear wiring harness, last of the panels, and the rear door. Got a tarp over it for now. Next step is plasma-ing off the back wall!

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Muah-ha-ha! The bus is now officially chopped! No going back now! I upgraded my plasma machine holder for the project. Ratchet strapped her ass down. The mig cart I ordered for the plasma still isn't here yet.

First I cut the back wall into sections. I'm going to reassemble (I use that term loosely) them under the "tunnel" the nose of the Jeep will sit in. That will make my back wall for the RV section.


Cut off the chair rail where the body will no longer be shortly:

Then I started cutting off the last 5 or so feet. If I had the right speed, it cut very cleanly. But, if I went too fast/slow, or if I had to do weird angles and really overlapped or hollow pieces it got a little wonky. I'm sure the paint/body seam sealer/rust doesn't help, lol.

Once I had cut along the rib and finished the trim pieces from the outside, it was time to yank it off! Used the winch on the Jeep to pull it AWAY from the garage.

Small snag, one rib still hung up.

There we go!

Gonna have to move this before the boss comes home...

For the rear pieces I had to recruit some help to make sure I didn't break the windows that I'll be re-using.

Consumables are pretty much done. Not bad for all the abuse I put them through today. Hole on tip is definitely wider, but for the type of work I've been doing, not really a problem. I could probably cut another bus in half and not notice. Might want to change it for precision cuts on clean steel. The bus had lots of body sealer, paint, crappy metal, gaps, etc. I think she done well.

Next step is math. Ugh...
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Nice job, real progress. Thinks are slow on our bus, so it's nice to see your accomplishments.

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Rock on guys! Lookin' good!
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I got the body completely cut. I marked where to cut the frame, but had to move it up about a foot from previous estimations due to what appears to be a mechanical fuel pump of some kind? I was going to move it originally, but it doesn't seem like a good idea to mess with it.

My new measurements:

First I removed the exhaust. There was a convenient clamp connection just past the axle that I'm going to use to add an angle to. probably going to dump it just past the rear tire.

Then I tack-welded a long piece of flat iron to the floor as a cutting guide and I cut the floor:

The body was next. I cut down the body even with the floor cut, then cut across the floor. Now once I notch and move the frame, the whole floor pan will move down with the frame, and the roof/walls will stay up. Once it's in position I'll weld some uprights to reconnect the roof to the floor. It's only one section of ribs that's hanging in space, so it'll be fine in the meantime.

Little doodling to show what I'm talking about when I say notching. This is obviously exaggerated, but I need to get the frame notch angle and the body notch angle the same, so they theoretically match up when I'm done.

All buttoned up for now in case it rains again.

I need to buy steel and weld the addition on next. Once that's on and secure, I can get final measurements for the frame cutting. What do ya'll think is good for the addition? I was thinking 2" square tubing, 3/16 wall? Overkill? I know most trailers aren't built that solid...
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