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Originally Posted by Destroymix View Post
I just had to pipe in on this comment....A LOT HAD CHANGED SINCE 1987!!! Being a Coloradan I feel we are overall a very welcoming state.

The comment about the costs of living here...unfortunately all too true, but it's not terrible by any stretch. Sure isn't Tennessee cheap tho!

I can see how that opinion would form if you were driving thru actual city of Denver, which I wouldn't take my bus near, or some of our more snobby and snooty communities of unincorporated Littleton, Cherry creek, highlands ranch (now a dive IMHO). And just stay away from me

I live in the old city of Littleton, and by job if you wanna park your bus outside for a week feel free! That is until the city comes and gives you a nasty gram.

The mountain communities are awesome, and if you go to Boulder that will be a very welcoming community. Just outside the Denver metro are unincorporated cities along the outskirts, they're your best bet for parking without hassle.

There are a lot of small hippie communities within Denver, I'm sure if they could they'd let you stay, however the houses and streets are so tight together you'd cause a traffic jam simply driving one way!

Hope this helps, we're not all bad, we just can't drive for **** and the low oxygen makes most of us short tempered.

One side note on your cummins too. Probably the 12v with the p7100 pump was arguably one of the most resilient LIGHT DUTY diesels ever made, in fact cummins even listed a 300000 mile service on them which included rolling in new bearings (don't do that). That is unless you have the earlier coal train pump (rotary) which is still good! Being a master tech for the last 13years, I can honestly say the only times that these engines fail catastrophicly is when they're modded, either too much or without proper monitoring such as gauges, or when they're neglected. And honestly, the neglected ones last longer.

When I use to tow my 5th wheel in the mountains I just got use to everyone passing me like jackasses, I just was patient and took my sweet-ass time, and I knew my engine and transmission would love me for it.

Just do simple mods that are healthy for diesels, open up that air intake and that exhaust, those are the 2 major choke points.

Hope to see you AND EastcoastCB here soon!
I'll be there in the next year!
Youre right on about Arvada. They shook me down hard as soon as I got out of the car and crossed the street.
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