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Chandlers skoolie

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Re: Chandlers skoolie

glad to see you here, first suggestion, read,read,read,and then read some more. oh and look at the photo gallery, great pics there.
again welcome
see my conversion at
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Re: Chandlers skoolie

Just the standard firsts. Rubber matting and plywood underneath (if you have it) should be removed. There is a bit of a debate as to insulating the floor or not, and if you should take off the internal panels to add better insulation or just put wood over the metal panels instead. As Putter just said, Read up first. Look through the Gallery, lots of good things to see there. Once you have the bus in your hands, get measurements of the inside space and sketch out some plans. When you think you have the right plans, take a roll of tape or a piece of chalk and your tape measure and draw out your plan for everything on the floor and walls. This way you know it will fit in the space you have, and can easily be adjusted by lifting the tape or smudging the chalk.
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Re: Chandlers skoolie

Welcome and glad to hear you got your bus. Good advice from the previous posters on how to go from here.
My Conversion Thread:
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Re: Chandlers skoolie

Hey there- I bought our bus from first student- did you request the maintance records? If you call them and give them the bus number and the serial number, the may still have the records. I got some of the driver inspection forms, and a couple of the last years repair records they had. I found the driver inspections very useful- everyday they'd check it- I went and looked at the things they wrote up- found few "band-aid" repairs and fixed the properly.
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Re: Chandlers skoolie

yep so no delivery on MLK day i guess. But Im crossing my fingers for tomorrow. I plan on taking tons of pictures and documenting the whole project really well. I spent like 2 hours just reading threads on this website today, its developed into a sickness already like all of my other automotive projects. I just cant wait to get started!
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Re: Chandlers skoolie

Well I got shafted again today, I couldnt get ahold of the transport company. Hopefully ill have the bus tomorow though.

As for the conversion I have a few ideas for the direction Im going in. I dont want any plumbing or AC power wires throughout the bus. I do have a 5000 watt generator and I am still looking for a decent power inverter, and I will just use extension cords. I will have a microwave, propane range and oven, propane fridge, 4 bunks, a dinette/bed, and a futon. I do plan to have a pretty good storage area in the back for quads dirtbikes and snowboards. I am posting a paint drawing of my pending design for the back door.

The red line is a heavy duty piano hinge and the green boxes are slam latches, both from mcmaster carr. The emergency door can be used normally, then the other part can be unlatched and opened to load a quad or large furnature. I havent figured out the ramp yet but that shouldnt be too hard. I will seal the gaps with weatherstiping also from mcmaster carr- what a great website.
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Re: Chandlers skoolie

Why yes I would. Dont know why I choose the "passenger" side, but the other side makes way more sense. Thanks.
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Re: Chandlers skoolie

Haha yes thank you smitty.

Well the transport company finally contacted me today and they garunteed deliveryon friday before noon, needless to say, Im growing more excited and restless by the day. Im going to go over to my buddys house tomorow where Im keeping the bus and set up my work station with generator and compressor and all that good stuff. Maybe ill snap a few pics of the setup too, just to keep you guys off my back haha. Probly going to home depot too to pick around and maybe find a cheap, really cheap flooring solution.
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Re: Chandlers skoolie

Leave your living mods loose for a while, that way you can move the couch around, put the cabinets on the other side, etc. This lets you get an idea of how you like the layout, and the right one for you will show up quickly! It's like painting a picture, or sculpting something, or building a neat playhouse. Let your creative karma flow. If it starts to get to be work, stop before you ruin it for yourself- take a breather, get a fresh perspective and have fun again!
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