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Re: Diesel Dan's Skoolie

That looks great DD
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Re: Diesel Dan's Skoolie

Looks good, always nice to have a place for things, also I bet it cuts down on some engine noise as well as heat,
nice wood working.
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Re: Diesel Dan's Skoolie

The engine cabinet looks great. My doghouse is so big that all I can do is put a cushion on top of it for the dogs when I am parked.When the bus is in transit, I remove the cushion, and do not let the dogs sit up there. I do, however bungee my plant up there.
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Re: Diesel Dan's Skoolie

Originally Posted by Diesel Dan
Originally Posted by sdwarf36
I know my bus isn't as big (14k gross shortie) but I did a long road trip with 14 cubies in the back (apx 500 lbs) along with the all the other race support stuff i have in the back. With the stock (in the back) fuel tank full (55 gallons), you could definitly feel the "tail wagging the dog." While towing a 2000 lb trailer, you can't even feel it back there. YMMV-but that seems like alot of movable liquid ballast.
sdwarf36, you just gave me an idea. If I were to tow a trailer for extra WVO storage capacity, I could really extend my WVO-powered driving range. Of course, I'd have to tow a trailer, which I'd rather avoid, but never the less, even a small trailer could haul probably 300 gallons of WVO in addition to my 120 gallon WVO supply tank, and potentially 60 more gallons of extra storage in plastic barrels. That would fuel a round trip from my house to any point in the United States! How awesome would that be?!
Sorry for the late comment...

When you go over a certain capacity of fuel tank, you need to stop at the border of each state/province and report how many kms you drove, and how many liters of fuel you purchased there. They do the math and you pay the difference in taxes. There is a sticker you can buy for commercial vehicles that allows you to drive on by, and pay monthly, but the real issue is that you are using a fuel that has no road tax in it so the extra tanks will only get you pulled over if they are spotted.

I'm not sure on the laws on veggie oil in the US, but I think that because there is no tax in the fuel you would leagaly have to keep a log and submit the road tax portion to keep it all on the up and up. I think, and this is just my opinion, that if you were to use waste motor oil, then you might have a better case if you got pulled over as motor oil is also taxed.

The trailer might be considered a slip tank in some places, but if your driving around America I'm sure you'll run into some provinces or states that will fine you for using their roads and not paying the road taxes included in the fuel prices when they spot it. In some places you may also need a specific type of tank to haul fuel as well.

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Bus camping at Krause Springs

This past weekend we headed out to the Texas Hill Country to a family owned campground that features beautiful scenery, huge cypress trees, gorgeous grounds and buildings, and of course, natural springs (here is a link to their website: - scroll down that page and you will see a slideshow showing the grounds). That was some seriously cold water, but very refreshing on a hot day. Nice spring-fed pool near the camping area, and then we descended into a small canyon of sorts where there was a great swimming hole with waterfall, water cave, cliff jumping, rope swing... We had fun hanging out with friends, enjoying good food, drink and company, and of course there were the obligatory bus tours for the curious neighboring campers.

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Re: Diesel Dan's Skoolie

SWEET I like the shady camp sites!!!
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Re: Diesel Dan's Skoolie

Man, I need to hurry and piece my bus back together so I can go camping.

At my speed I will be done just as winter sets in, but wait I have a heater, I can still go camping

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Re: Diesel Dan's Skoolie

looks like a really good time Dan.
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Re: Diesel Dan's Skoolie

have to admit, we're both a bit jealous, can't wait to get out and enjoy our new home on the road. and the cabinet looks great.
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Day to day bus life

At this point my bus has become a sort of mobile outbuilding on my property. I'm gratified to know that I am getting my "money's worth" out of this project even when I'm not out on the road. My wife teaches childbirth classes out of our house 2-3 nights a week, and so I really like having a place to escape to on those nights. My 8 year old daughter and I go out there on these nights and I help her with homework, and then we play games (lately backgammon is our favorite) or just hang out doing whatever. I've also had to give up my little bit of office space in the house to other family members, so I've got a docking station set up in the bus for my laptop, and I often go out there to just get on the computer. I have a wireless receiver/booster antenna which I think helps, but I rarely have a full strength signal. But it's good enough for most purposes. I only have trouble when trying to use Skype. The bus also makes a great man-cave! Sometimes I go out there to play guitar, or hang out and party with friends, or just get some time to myself. I just sold my pickup truck, so now I've got some cash to spend on getting a gravel driveway put in on the other side of house, which will put me closer to my wireless router, electricity, water, and at the same time free up my primary driveway which the bus has been blocking these past few years. Also, the bus will be on level ground (it is currently on an angle despite blocking as high as I dare) and it will be tucked away in a wooded area so it is less visible from the road. I'm pretty stoked about the prospect of making this happen!
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