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I'm really diggin' this thread. I appreciate the detailed descriptions and pictures of what you're doing. Thanks!

Also, Hello from Ontario!
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$H|t show

Well today was a $H|T show.....
4x4 farm truck will not start, go to jump start the truck with the bus and got the bus VERY stuck. I tried to get it out, but only made it worse.

But 3 windows got "blacked out with blue spray paint.
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Sorry about the stuck. I have to admit I'm curious to see what the un-stuck procedure will be. With it sunk that deep I have to assume the soil was extremely wet and soft?
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Oh dear.

That front axle is in deep with it down that far.

I too would like to see the unstuck procedure.

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The plan is to wait a week and let it dry out.
Once it has dried out, I will chain the axels to the frame so the suspension won't decompress. Once that is done I will jack the frame with 2 20 ton bottle jacks. Once the bus is jacked I will refill the holes and lay down 2 inches of plywood under each tire.
Or so the plan is.

It's my own dam fault, if I would have not tried to get it out that day and let it dry out It would have driven out as it always does..... Lesson learned.
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Stay dirty, Canadian!
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Good luck bud. That is going to a tricky (and dirty) raise. Find a friend in the local EMS. Some of them carry lift bags for getting vehicles up and off of people. Slide them under, pump them up. And they will work on soft soil instead of trying to sink in.
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Hey, I've been there! We dug out behind the tires enough to lay down some pieces of 2"x6" to build a ramp up out of the muck, then pulled it out with a tractor. One of the pieces of 2"x6" turned up and broke a front fibreglass fender while doing it. Watch out for such things.

I wish you luck in whatever you scheme up!
My build page: Armageddon - The Smell of Airborne Rust
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My ex & I got our 51 (7 window) GMC stuck up to the bumpers and we did not get it out on it's own accords even after spending an hour or two every nite and many hours on the weekends for a good month jacking it up and laying down any & everything we could find. We easily had 4-6 feet of stuffs under those wheels.

As soon as we started to lower the jack back it went dirt to bumper....Even tried taking off with it still jacked up. It took another (much bigger bus) to get us out of that situation.

Remembering back to that time....I would recommend maybe many large pieces of wood, like 4 X 8 sheets of wood or actually HEY NAT get this ------> lay down huge sheets of metal.

Keep us got you a mess there and I'm sure everyone on this site is root toot tooting for you.
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The process took me and a friend three hours, 10 cinder blocks, 2 ten foot 2x10s, 6 four foot 2x4's, 1 sheet of plywood, 2 ratchet straps, two 20 ton bottle jacks and one 3 ton floor jack.

Unfortunately, there are only a couple of pictures and no video.
we jacked up both ends of the bus, probably a foot and a half.
The ground was so soft that the front sank to the axle also.
the rear axel i strapped to the frame before jacking the front i did not.

Most of the cinder blocks were broken and placed under the wheels.

The bus would not come out by itself, so we gave it a good yank with the 4runner in 4Low with the auto set to 2nd.

I am surprised how "easy" this was.... I mean, the dam drive shaft was at ground height!

Me driving the bus

jacking the bus

side view before jacking the front.

the wheels


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