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Originally Posted by BlackJohn View Post
Cold climate use requires lots of clothing and boots, all of which need somewhere to dry well.

Get out of wet sweaty clothes and boots asap and allow to dry fully before putting back on. Cold can be miserable or enjoyable, take your pick.

I find places to add hooks just for this reason and helps act as curtains too at times.

Especially if your cold climate has any humidity in it. My -35 is warmer than John's -20 because of the dampness.

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Originally Posted by danfutrell View Post
Hi - would love any feedback on this draft floorplan as we continue down our skoolie journey! The bus will be for 2 people, with potential for 2 guests, a dog and a cat. We also want to get this as off-grid as possible in very cold to warm climates. What might we be forgetting in this layout?

Hello from freeeezing Ontario.
Firstly, congrats on getting as far as purchasing and floor plan design. Quite exciting eh?

I'm in the midst of my build - at the 3D mock up stage.
I chose to create a 3D mock up so that I can walk through my 'house' with (cardboard) walls and basic replicas of furniture, counter, bed etc in place to find out where any 'real life' problems with flow and functionality are.

Some observations on your layout;
- having the fridge & freezer beside each other makes more sense. Having a physical (knee wall) buffer between them and the wood stove will increase their efficiency

- move the vanity to the where the toilet is, put the toilet where the vanity was. This way you have back to back plumbing lines with short runs.
*** many people may feel that a vanity is moot, truth is that with more than 1 person on board, 2 sinks will prove invaluable. Also, there are things that you just never want to do OR put in a kitchen sink (vomit comes to mind....)
- toilet on drivers side gives more privacy and efficiency - a person can use the toilet while someone is showering.
- go dry compost (urine diversion) toilet!! they are much cleaner, don't stink like water toilets, AND you can design it to your personal specs (taller, more narrow for example)
- where does the dirty laundry, cat food and shoes/boots go. They all take up much more room than expected
-air flow around a bed is paramount. Mold/mildew will show up right quick if you have beds wall to wall - more so if there is closed in storage under the bed.
- same issues with closets on outside/cold walls
- it's always a smart idea to have more than 1 exit. In an emergency you may not have time/access to get from one end of bus to the other.
- if you have guests, the bed will be blocking walking from anywhere inside the bus to front door and driver's seat.

-the guests have no privacy - sorta like sleeping in a hospital hallway

i hope that these are of help to you in creating your skoolie dream

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I would suggest more storage. From your design it looks like the "closet" is only accessible from outside. Going outside to get your clothes sounds like a real bummer to me. I would at least have access from the inside. But, better yet, I agree that turning the bed 90% and centering it is a good idea. That is how i did my design. That gives you access to both sides to make up the bed. It also gave me a narrow nightstand/cupboard/closet on each side of the bed with a wide cabinet overhead. I used the rear emergency exit door to gain access to storage underneath the bed.

I also had a view from the driver's rear view mirror out the the window in the back door. It was great for backing up or just seeing what was behind you. Of course nowadays you can have a rear view camera. I would do one or the other because the side mirrors are not enough for a vehicle that big. Good luck to you! MMS.
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