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Thanks one and all for the advice. Took me 3 calls to get "the right" insurance rep. from GMAC. I found everyones prior experience to be quite helpful - just keep repeating "motorhome". don't breathe a word about buses or conversions. My maine title says year-91, make-International, Model-3000SE. That and the vin is all you need. Just ask for liability and you are set. Now I get to take it home and dive in head first! I'll post some pictures when the project developes furthur. HA!
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Anyone out there,
what kinda primary battery system d'ya got in your rig? as in for cranking the engine... My bus came with 2 big old heavydutytrucktype looking batteries that are %100 shot an will not hold a charge.
what's the best way to go for new replacements? where to get em?
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found some batteries, headin' home ------->
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this is slightly off topic from the original post....but it finally happened.

I've traveled well over 20 thousand miles in my skoolie and until yesterday had never been pulled over by an officer while driving. I'm not exactly sure why i was stopped, he never said, but the officer was very curious about what was in those 55 gallon drums on top of the bus. They were empty, i was just transporting them from home to my parents house where i plan to store them. They used to hold half the water for the jacuzzi, but now i'm using a different method to store the surpluss h20. anyhow.....

The officer told me that he cannot let me drive the vehicle because i am required to have a class B liscense to operate the bus since it was designed to carry more than 14 passengers. I was very polite, but explained my side of the story. He had already seen the inside....and currently the bus is completely gutted, aboout the only thing inside is the drivers seat and a jacuzzi. Luckily i also had my triangles and fire extinguisher....

I explained very politely to the officer that i've had the bus for a couple of years, and when i first purchased it i spoke to a trooper at the MSP (michigan state police) post and also spoke to the people at the secretary of state (DMV) and both agreed that if the bus is not used for commercial purposes then a commercial liscense is not needed. I am not required to have commercial registration or plates, I am not required to have commercial insurance, so why would i need a commercial operator liscense?

Apparently i made a valid enough argument becuase he just changed the subject and reverted back to the 55 gallon drums stating that in this post 9/11 erra a person should expect to be hassled for carrying around unmarked 55 gallon drums.

Police officers are usually very friendly to me, this officer was the exception. I guess he was just looking for something to do. I've often thought to myeself that if i was a police officer, i'd pull me over ! The bus does look pretty radical.

He let me go without any warning or anything,, afterall, i didn't do anything wrong......I still don't know why he stopped me, but all is good. I am sure he would have changed his tune if i had indicated that i am a paramedic, but i kind of enjoyed the challenge of tryingto talk my way out of trouble as a regular person. Being involved in the emergency services gives me an unfair advantage compared to normal people.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will watch the watchmen?)
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On the subject of CDLs and skoolies I found the following to be true in MA.

Mass Reg. 540 CMR 2.06 States:

5. Recreational Vehicle Operators. Any vehicle operated solely as a personal or family conveyance for recreational purposes may be operated with a Class D License. To be exempt from CDL requirements, the vehicle must be used exclusively to transport family members or personal friends and/or their effects.
In MA all vehicles over 26,000 lbs (mine's 31,000 lbs) require Commercial plates, however if it fits the above definition it doesn't require a CDL. I think this is even true even if I had left all the seats in my bus. Insurance would have cost me $2K per year for a private bus. Now, if the bus was used even ONCE for hire, I could no longer drive it!

I opted to have it delivered on a flat bed for $700 from NY and I'll insure it as an RV after title conversion for about $650/yr. saving me $650.
My 1989 Thomas Saf-T-Liner
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