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Re: Looking for advice for my first skoolie project vehicle

This my take on this. I think the bus you are looking at is fine if you are not planing on a trip across the US. Like Smity said that rear end is low. As far as the gas motor I am for that. My way of thinking is I can install a new motor for what just a repaired injection pump would cost. Plus if it breaks down on the road I can go to any auto parts store and get what is need to get me going. The price I think is high...Thats my opinion and opinions are like as####es eveyone has one. Thanks

One more thing Is it a fuel injected 427 that would be a plus....
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Re: Looking for advice for my first skoolie project vehicle

6. Auction Sites are NOT for trusting people. Too many times have people bought vehicles that "Run Great" or are "In Great Shape" and arn't.

I am sure there are others, but I am too tired at the moment to remember them. So I will invite others to fill out the list.
I can second that.
I bought my VW from E-Bay. The Seller DID say in the auction that it had wiring issues. Turns out the issues were that someone had HACKED up the original wiring harness with connections made with electrical tape, scotch tape, duct tape, masking tape, and some actual soldered splices that looked like the solder had been heated from 3 feet above the splice and then dribbled on the wires. The left tailight was ALWAYS on when the car ran. The turn signals were wired into toggle switches on the dash. Left toggle for left blinker, right toggle for right blinker and both for 4 way hazard lights. The Voltmeter and fuel guage were wired in so they were "hot" all the time. I had to start the car every day to keep the battery charged. SOMETIMES the car wouldnt start. Somehow, I found that if you turn on the headlights on, the car would start and run. BUT if you started it witht he headlights on, you could turn the key off and the car would still run until you turned the headlights back off. Supposedly it has a straight body. Yes.... it LOOKS straight, but I would be scared to sand off all the paint and see how much Bondo I really have.
$4300 sounds a little high in price to me. Unless the thing is PRISTINE.
The low geared rear end I would cringe at. If you don't think its a big deal. Come visit me. I will take you for a ride in my bus. It runs 45 mph. And going 45 is pretty much SCREAMIN. It took me over an hour to get to a camping spot that is about 40 miles away from home.
You could swap the rear end, but that costs more money on top of the initial purchase.
Thats my opinion and opinions are like as####es eveyone has one. Thanks
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Re: Looking for advice for my first skoolie project vehicle

427 in a 93 chasis doesn't sound right for OEM, I would think 366 or 454, check it out before you jump in
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Re: Looking for advice for my first skoolie project vehicle

The engine is a 427 according to the tag on the Block. I do not think it is Fuel injected as I did not notice a fuel rail on the block.

The 427 has good power, and my toad would be a full size conversion van. Low gearing might work better for this setup.

I like the fact that running out of gas, getting started in the cold, and parts replacement are easier with the gas engine than diesel. I have limited experience with Diesel engines but have researched biodiesel conversions enough to know that diesel can have more problems than I am used to dealing with in gasoline mechanics. Given that I will often be driving in the Colorado Rocky Mountains (7000-12000'altitude) I expect the weather will often be cold and the lower gearing may prove handy in this setting. What about longetivity ? What is the cost of running/maintaining a diesel in comparison to a gas engine over 200k miles ?

Tough to wait for another good prospect to come along...I am ready to start the conversion now. With winter coming on (up here it lasts nearly 6 months) I am anxious. You are all right of course. Waiting for the right rig is best.

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Re: Looking for advice for my first skoolie project vehicle

I dont think you can go wrong with that engine. My bus with a Cummins 5.9 15k lbs only averaged 8.4 mpgs. When I worked for Uhaul their trucks with the 366 carbd got around 5 so all in all it is not a huge difference. A few $150-$200 oil and filter changes in the diesel can eat up alot, if any, savings on mileage. I used to be all about diesel but after working around diesel equipment and trucks for a few years now I feel like I have less and less faith in them. There is nothing cheap on a diesel and one stupid repair can be the entire cost to replace a gas motor.
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