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Thank you for your reply!

Thank you both for your reply. I really appreciate your input, and am feeling fairly convinced after today that I need to take out all the windows, and go with RV windows. I do want to live in this for years to come, with no plans of ever taking her to Burning Man. I'll get a simple RV for my next burn.

Okay!!! Well, here it goes. I am going to do some research on removing the windows. Can't wait til I get some long days of sun over here!

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Thumbs up

Well I took out ten windows the other day- SO easy once I got all the caulk that I put on there off. Haha, pretty funny to work against myself like that. There was one window that I hadn't caulked and it literally came out in 1minute after the 3 screws were removed. NO WONDER THEY ALL LEAK!!!

Well, getting very excited about putting metal over the windows and starting to move forward. I am just looking at windows on Ebay- mostly RV windows. I know some use house windows, but I don't think I have enough information to make me feel good about those long term.

We have decided to remove the camper shell above the kitchen and build something out of metal that will not leak. That thing has been a problem since the first rain. LEAKY MADDNESS!!

I am feeling excited and empowered around these new choices. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself and made some decisions I have been quite happy. It is quite funny how I was trying to cut corners and now that I have decided to just do it full on and take more time to make it right, I feel SO much better. The time frame is thrown out the window...pun intended.

16 more windows to remove. Then cover it all over with 18 gauge metal that my dad is going to shear for us. Self drilling screws and lots of caulk should do the trick. Or perhaps rivets... not sure. I just ordered the metal today. Monday will be shearing day, then hopefully next week we will get the back side covered and be able to take off the front windows to cover them over, it all depends on the weather. I can only back the back half of the bus into a workshop because of the camper shell.

Well, here goes! onward and upward Skoolie friends!

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Check out my build (link in sig - page 14 or so) for how I did the window skinning on my bus... Mine has been problem free for 4 years now.

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Slow and steady wins the race...... well the window removal race anyway. Glad to see you are going to go ahead and upgrade with newer windows. Get the insulated ones that way you have less heat loss or intrusion.

My build thread - viewtopic.php?f=9&t=467197
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Have you looked at the junk yards for RV windows? They're usually half to a quarter of the price of new.
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Well! Lots has happened since I last posted. I removed all the windows, added sheet metal, have cut 4 holes in one of the sides, installed 3 RV windows...and I am about to finish the 4th. Then start in on the other side. I've got a friend starting the plumbing tomorrow, purchased a stock tank for my bath tub, ordered my tile (for the tub) and am getting ready to do the electrical! WHEW!!!

I am wanting to move into the bus by November...(my birthday month) as a birthday present to myself. I want to move off the land I have it parked anyway.

I am not going to post a bunch of photos but I have an Instagram where I update photos very often.

I hope you enjoy the photo journaling I've been doing! It's been fun to connect with other Skoolies on Instagram, that is the main reason I've started using it. I encourage others if you've been thinking about getting an Instagram, it's a great way to post photos and share with other skoolies.

I'll post again when some stuff has happened!
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