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I look forward to seeing your build. How much head room do you have in the bus right now?
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Here's a slightly cheaper generator. Reccomend3d to me by forum members, and it's been working great for almost a month
My build thread - Started 3.2.18
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Hello everyone!

Long time no chat! Right after I bought my bus I got a promotion at work that has kept me busy busy and I am finally just now finding time to get back to the work on my bus...

Sad news though... during the weeks of me not working on it, I would go out and start it and let it run to maintain the batteries. Well last week I went out on my day off to start it and it wouldn't start... Thought oh no, I didn't start it enough... ends up being worse..

Someone stole my two batteries from my bus. They were bold... It's parked 600 foot off the road on 3 acres beside the house... I am guessing they came in at night and yanked them out. They didn't cut cables or damage the door, just opened it up, took them out like I would have when cleaning up the battery compartment.. :/

I have ordered a locking handle for that door and posted a nice little sign explaining that if I see you on my property I will pop you in the knee cap and then ask questions...

So my question.. Where is the best place to buy a battery? I have read that Group 32 batteries are what I should get, but I have also read of people saving money and buying a different battery.. so suggestions would be welcomed. My dad suggested I get a caterpillar battery like his big tractors use, but I don't know enough about it to just buy any battery..

Also a follow up question.. for the core cost, does the core battery have to be the same type that I am buying? My dad has a farm and he has several dead batteries I was thinking of using as my core.
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Damn sorry to hear about some one stealing your batteries. I don't think the core matters at least at Walmart it didn't for me.
Build Thread:>
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I dont think anybody rebuilds batteries, they recycle them. So i dont think they care what the core is.
I believe they only charge the core to prevent you from dumping it in a field somewhere.
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Originally Posted by yfrank14 View Post
I dont think anybody rebuilds batteries, they recycle them. So i dont think they care what the core is.
I believe they only charge the core to prevent you from dumping it in a field somewhere.
The prime source for lead for new car batteries is old car batteries.
They actually really DO want the old ones back.

Lots of people are fine with WalMart batteries. Theres only a few companies that make em in the first place, so the biggest difference is the sticker on the outside.

Most places you can come back with the old battery later, the receipt for the new battery, and they will refund the core charge. IDK if they give you different amounts based on the battery size, but even my lawn tractor battery got me $10 or so last year.
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They don't usually care what core you return. I did get in aheated disscusion when they tried to tell me the brake pad cores had to be the same. I asked how would they know? I had intended to make only one trip for parts, so I found an old sets of pads in the trash at repair shop and wanted to give those in up front so I didn't pay a core charge I would need to come back to refund. They insisted they needed to be correct. I asked again how would you know? They said we match them to the pads your buying. I asked how they do that when the old ones are still on the vehicle. Once I swap them at home and then bring you the cores, how do you know they are the same pads. Their answer was "They don't, and so their argument of how they needed to match went right out the window. Fact is the core brake pads gets sent to a place in bulk to strip them and the backing plate thrown into a piles to be sorted for reman. Then they tried to pull the wearing the pads out is not covered under warranty, which technically is true, but is enforced less than 1%. I asked them how many times a day do the replace "Lifetime Warranty" pads because they are worn, again they admitted they do it all day long.
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