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Originally Posted by The Nebuchadnezzar View Post
12v wiring question: a lot of the 12v devices have a single hot wire to them then they're grounded to the frame, my distribution panel has a ground bar, is there any benefit in grounding to the ground bar in the panel vs. grounding to the frame?
On rare occasions it actually does make a difference to run the ground return on a wire of its own. They're the exception though. Most loads (lighting, fans, etc) work fine with a frame/body ground. Do make sure the frame/body-to-source connection is big enough for the aggregate of all the loads! The sort of thing where a separate ground return could help are things like radio transceivers or audio amplifiers -- they can (but don't always) pick up noise through a shared ground path and manifest it as whine or other noise in the audio.
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Originally Posted by The Nebuchadnezzar View Post
Doing warm weather projects on the Neb, mounted the two 100 gal tanks this week. I got a deal on a bunch of uni-strut so I used that. I added fittings to the grey water tank. will be painting the exterior in the next couple of weeks, all that is yellow will be silver.
Nice work! I assume you tied into the cross members on your bus? I plan on putting in a 100 gallon potable tank and a smaller grey water for when we can't just dump the grey water in nature (aka when we are in a city). Also plan on using a composting toilet. Did you install a vent shaft for that 12V fan?
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Thanks. I'm in the home stretch with the conversion and you reminded me about the N.H. vent, didn't do that yet, need to run a 12v to it, ha.
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