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Sorry to hear about that, Johan.

FWIW- the care of the elderly is probably much better in NL.

Hope she's comfortable and that she gets the care she deserves.

All the best to you and your family.
Roll Your Own Build Thread
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I too am sorry to hear about your issue. Life comes with Roses and thorns. I watched your journey here since the beginning. I've been meaning to reread this thread. I hope that your mother has family and is well cared for in the Netherlands. Keep us updated about Dory and your family. Thanks for sharing
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Thank you all for your compassion.

For Dory this was a little sad also as she never saw her completion as intended. Mom's set back and our confrontation that life better be lived has resulted that we are now more determined to start a winter trip beginning December 2018 and not put it of any longer.

Goal is to be on the road from December to half May 2019 in the warm part of the US. We like the kids to spend a week or so in all the parks and hope to hike a lot.

I looked into a better bus for the job , our eye was locked for a while on a GMD PD4104 manual 4 speed V drive all aluminum, gorgeous looking and previous converted.

Last weekend we just took Dory out for a drive into the woods and found that the large windows, large door and low floor makes the outdoor really an extension of the bus.

So we are no starting to finish what we started. We are modifying the interior a little because the reserved space for the wheel chair became available and also the we can reduces the seating a little in favor of more comfort and storage.
The more solar, lithium batteries and a winch to drag us thru the rough spots.

Later J
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so sorry to hear that mom cant be on your journies with you (at least not right now.. dont give up totally... the mid term elections may yield some very different eyes on immigration.. esp for those doing it for the reasons you are!)..

im so glad to hear that Dory will continue with you.. and mom will be there too as you cruise the warm weather.. (I myself am working on finding my roots in florida for the winter so if you guys make it that far south, do look me up! you are an awesome dude to hang out with, esp when we talk tech!)

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I'm sorry J...i feel so bad reading this.
I'm sure it's not easy, but like Christopher said, don't give up. I think your Mom is such a cool lady. How many women her age are up for adventure like she is?
Hang in there
oh yes she did!
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Thanks Chris and Tobeamiss for the extra motivation / kind words. Hope we all meet somewhere during our travels.

Yes we are in full blown preparations now with Dory. It is exciting to see the new progress. It is amazing how your mind deceives you in imagining everything ready or thinking that it is is almost ready while there is so much more to do. We are willing to let go of a lot of desires just to get on the road in December.

I have started a second thread about Dory in the coach section under

" Dory transit new start"

Thanks all,

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