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Our Silver Schooler

We code named our bus the Silver Schooler. It will make sense assuming we manage to paint it silver.

We've taken out the seats. I donated them to the local school system. The guy said they could use some of the foam and seat covers for sure. He was telling me about their state police inspections. I guess once the foam starts breaking and they can feel the metal frame on the top of the seat it will fail inspection and they'll need to replace the foam. He was a talker so I learned a lot. I did't mind hearing how the schools take care of their busses.

For most of the seats I used an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc to cut the bolts. Some I did underneath where there was less to cut through, but getting to them from inside the bus was easier. A few just broke when I hit them with an impact wrench.

I made the screws that hold down the walkway trim in to slotted screws to make them easier to remove. Again, using an angle grinder. I did this to just about every screw I came across.

We started tearing up the floor. Lots of rust. I will likely use the angle grinder again.

It is coming along!

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Beautiful bus! Congratulations. You came to the right place and I see you post pics. That's good because we love pics here. it is nice having you on board.
Hopeless Busaholic!
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I think you like that angle grinder just a little to much, but nice job. That's a lot of real estate there. That floor doesn't look so bad... well, from here anyway. That's a good looking bus overall.
Silver huh? Interesting choice. It would be interesting if you could wrap it in shiny mylar. You could be the Camelion. Then again on a bus that long it's hard to cover it with anything. You're tackling this job at a nice time of the year, so kudos for that.
At the rate you're going it looks like you intend to do the full build. Is this a toy hauler at all?
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Looking good! silver looks great on a schoolie. ive seen several of them in ohio with scarlet highlights of course.. im guessing silver paint must cost less than gray since the tailgaters busses all seem to be silver and scarlet rather than scarlet and gray..

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Originally Posted by Robin97396 View Post
Is this a toy hauler at all?
Not going to haul any large toys. Maybe some bikes in the back. Our current design has sleeping for 6, a couple booth seats, a small kitchen, and a bathroom so it will be pretty full.
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You've got more real estate there than a lot of us. So are we talking triple high bunk beds or are the booth seats going to be convertible to beds? A bathroom for six people? You know, how does that work when six people are in about a 200 square foot room? That's one thing I like about a fast food bathrooms and rest stops while traveling. Yeah, I know you need a bathroom for that many people. A bus seems to shake loose things that's been in people's guts since the fifth grade? I'm talking about my kids there. Fifteen minutes from home they're hungry and they need a bathroom. I'm not sure about the order.

The back four feet of my "maxi-van" is a garage/kitchen and contains the wood stove. I have an aft mounted lift and rear door. Like any garage it gets used for lots of other things. A couple dirt bikes could still tuck in there while traveling. My modular electric kitchen cart can roll into the isle away from the garage area while traveling if the garage is being used. It's not a perfect system but I've changed the furniture (yes furniture) around about six times in the past six months figuring out what works best. I'zve arrived at a more practical layout that will require more permanent fixtures eventually. Yes it's a bugger traveling with furniture, but this bus has L-track and I have lots of straps. it's easy to forget to anchor the wood stove because it kind of gets buried when it's not being used for heat. I found the wood stove in the middle of the walkway when I got home from my last trip out to town.

We get big buses and we fill them up. I'm still wanting one of those articulating double length city buses and I'd buy it just to park it and convert it. You'll find that there are things you'll take out of your bus later because they take up space and you can actually get along quite well without them.
Twelve hundred years ago you might have gone out and lived in a tent. Aren't you glad we've got buses now? I suppose they said that about the tents at one time. Off topic, sorry.
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