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Re: Project "Brutus"

Glad you made it there without anyone getting hurt. I know everyone has an opinion and most are not welcome but to me it looks like the trailer was probably oscillating more than you could feel from the front. This oscillation is probably what caused your break in the ball mount (The break looks like it endured a lot of vibration, think hammer beating on it up and down constantly). Could have been from tires going bad on the trailer to load and distribution issues making the tongue bounce excessively. Is that a bus fuel tank mounted on the tongue? Hopefully it wasn't full of fuel. I've made several moves back and forth from the MW to the PNW and those roads can put a workin' on the hardware for sure. I'll bet your drivers seat has a permanent pinch in the upholstery .
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Re: Project "Brutus"

Thanks guys!

Yeah, the break was 100% from the trailer tongue getting slammed up and down from the bus overhang. Every bridge, every dip, every rise... With the slop in the ball mount, it was actually deforming the bottom of the ball mount. I shimmed it, to remove the slop, but I think that made it worse, as the damage was already done. The tank on the trailer tongue was empty (future extra tank for the bus), but I was likely pushing the 800# rating of the ball mount already. The new one is rated at 1500# with no slop. I used it for about 300 miles, and there isn't even a hint of wear from movement. Problem solved

Pucker factor: I saw the shower of sparks, started applying brakes, felt the trailer slam into the bus and saw it fall back, pulled over... Pretty robotic actually. I kick into survival mode when something traumatic happens, lol... Adrenalin kicked in after.
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Re: Project "Brutus"

Sorry about your misfortune. Is this ball mount solid or hollow?

I'm hungry!

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Re: Project "Brutus"

Sorry for the disappearance, lol... Cal, the ball mount was solid.

I'm posting to remind people to pay attention to what they have for insurance. I forgot I had comprehensive. Which covers the trailer, coincidentally. Just filed a claim and am getting 3750 for the trailer and damage to the bus. Win!!

Also, progressive now has a category for bus conversions, in case you guys didn't know.
The journey is the destination...

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Re: Project "Brutus"

Glad to see you back! Jack
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Re: Project "Brutus"

I have had that insur co for 5 yrs on my bus.....
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Re: Project "Brutus"

Awesome build Jake. Just spent the evening reading through your posts. Several questions:
- What was the reason for running the exhaust stack up the front side of the bus?
- Did the muffler quiet it down much?
- How much $$$ do you estimate you spent on the build to date?
- What the he#* made you want to move to the kommunist state of Cali? (I just had to throw that in)
Nice work. I hope my build goes as smooth as yours when the time comes. Keep up the great work!
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I'm about to start installing subflooring in my bus and will be following a method very similar to yours. I like the idea of not drilling anymore new holes into my steel floor.

My question is, have you had any issues with the rigid foam sagging, if not what is yours rated to and what thickness did you go with? I'm thinking of doing 3/4" R4 rated at 15psi. I would like to put a number of supports in between the rigid insulation, but am concerned with thermal bridging.

That led me to your post and your method. Just curious if it has held up for you over time?

Thanks man!
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I followed the link in another build thread giving you credit for the method on flooring (not putting more holes than needed in the metal floor..).

1 question:

If the plywood is held in place by the screws in the small 2x2" spreaded around, how di you fastened the furniture in the bus? Just screwed it in the plywood? Is that sturdy enough in case of hard braking / crash?

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I'm flattered that you read my update . I am not Jake, but the chair rails are going to be my primary mounting surface for all furniture. I intend to bolt down to the floor as well but I want to mount the crap out of the chair rails, they seems very sturdy.
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