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Proposed skoolie...

This is the latest incarnation of my idea of what I would like to do:

Some features I want:
* windows over the master bedroom.
* solar panels.
* wind generator.
* a Mini Moke as a toad.
* operable windows (real fresh air fan).
* 2 ACs (when previous item does not fit requirements).
* bondooking capabilities.
If somebody wants to take a look at a file I'm putting together regarding this conversion (my ideas + lots of pilfered ones from the 'net) just email me, but keep in mind that the beast is almost 70 MB already and growing.
Note: replaced image with one updated according to suggestions. Thanks!.
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Re: Proposed skoolie...

Night, John:
thanks for the input. I did not think about pooper location, will look into it. About fuel and air tanks, it is not a big deal moving them a little. Fuel tank sender is just a wire, just make sure you don't change the slope and orientation of the tank itself. Air tanks are easier: drain fitting points down, rest is plumbing. Gray water tank reasonably close to drains, black water under bath. Rest is just common sense, About the chassis, I don't have a bus yet, so everything is wishful thinking so far, but helps me to figure out things . I want to put a fresh water tank under the bed about half the size of it, pump sends water anywhere I want.
Thanks for your help, and if you see room for improvement, just yell. JM.
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Re: Proposed skoolie...

HAH!. Couple more thing to check!. As I said before, don't have bus yet, but you pointed at very basic screw ups that can lead to disaster.
I put belly bins on a bus picture that had none, so is just more wishful thinking. Nothing is even laid on paper yet, pending a reality check, but any and all suggestions or warnings are welcome and processed. Thanks!. JM
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* Fix all mechanical issues. If tires not really good and need replacement leave until the end.
* Pressure wash underside and engine compartment.
* Remove all seats. Leave driver's.
* Remove all interior paneling, insulation and floor coverings.
* Pressure wash interior.
* Define fixed skylights over M Bed bed BEFORE cutting holes!.
* Move front right side opening for door to new location. Steps also if practical, make new ones if not. Prime all worked areas.
* Check left side emergency door for proper operation.
* Remove all surplus windows and fill holes. Prime. Reinstall windows intended to keep.
* Raise roof as needed at rear. Make support for M Bed TV on roof. Prime as needed.
* Remove surplus front and rear school lights. Fill holes. Prime. Alternatively, rewire to work paired to the regular ones below.
* Repair floor as necessary. Fill where right side entrance door was. Rustproof underside of floor.
* Box-in all 4 fenders inside. Floor raised on both sides of bed at M Bed up to the top of the fenders (if needed due to wheel wells location related to bed placement), to allow one extra row of drawers at end of bed.
* Actual interior layout marked on floor. Mark tanks position also (under floor and at M Bed). Define all plumbing ( with filters, pumps, etc) and electrics ( generator, batteries, solar panels, converters, breaker panel, AC, etc) also.
* Plumbing and wiring inside of exterior walls. Leave enough wire to go into partitions. Water pipes also.
* Make all underfloor storage compartments and doors.
* Install generator, batteries and all propane and water tanks that go underside. Run wiring for them at the same time. Bodywork as needed. Prime as needed.
* Install skylights (with fans?) along center hallway.
* Install AC units on roof. Run wiring for them.
* Paint roof.
* Install solar panels (run wiring also). Prime and touch-up as needed.
* Install hot water tank on roof . Touch-up paint as needed.
* Interior lighting wiring to locations. Run wiring for front wind generator.
* Run wiring for sound system (whole bus).
* Some sort of step on front bumper and handle at center to allow windshield washing.
* Install windmill pole and braces.
* Cork insulation on floor?.
* Bathroom walls and shower stall walls. Wire as needed.
* Interior partitions.
* Plumbing and wiring on interior partitions.
* Insulation on ceiling, then install ceiling panels (tongue and groove?).
* Troubleshoot electrical and plumbing.
* Wood flooring on rear section (M Bed up to midsection).
* Rear view camera(s).
* All interior walls paneling and insulation.
* M Bed bed cabinet. Has drawers at front, maybe 2 rows, one above the other. Top opens upward to store linen and blankets (some kind of springs or gas shocks to assist with weight). Some sort of lock to prevent opening while driving.
* Finish bathroom.
* All M bed cabinets with locks.
* Wood flooring (remaining section). Protect.
* Install fridge.
* Closets and kitchen cabinets with locks, the ones on top first. Install kitchen cook-top, microwave/hood and sink.
* Cabinet over dashboard with outlet(s).
* Cupboard between seats.
* Space for a laptop for passenger. Needs outlet and anti-skid surface.
* Pass seat.
* Dining area.
* Rest of cabinet with locks. Front end TV.
* Sound system.
* Paint body sides and ends.
* Install roll-up canopy.

Does it make sense?. JM
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