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Originally Posted by charles_m View Post
I know some of you may be digging out (or preparing to) from a heavy storm, but here in CO, it's convertible weather

I've been meaning to change the oil, repair a visor, and change the plugs on the MGB I'm in a relationship with, so I drove her to the yard today--a SUNNY 67 degrees!!

Her windshield almost comes up to the headlights on the Queen !

I think they're in love and I support the relationship.
you lucky bastard! I was working outside in -5degF yesterday... and need to wait until the summer to do the roof raise...

Once I get this thing done, I might just move to CO.
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Yesterday Houston, TX was 70*F.......
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Spent the morning digging out AGAIN 19 degrees, CO and TX sound good about now
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Ya...I was at an outdoor Superbowl party here in Houston yesterday...wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

I'll take the tropics over the snow-belt any day!

(Someone please remind me I said that come August and 112 degree, 100 percent humidity)
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Got some work done the past couple weeks:
Finished screwing the wooden ribs to the metal frame of the bus and build the 'sashes' for the rv windows ill be putting in. as soon as I have a window of nice weather, ill cut holes and drop the windows in.

I decided I should make a general assessment of her mechanical condition since I hadn't started or driven her in about 3 months. I took the bus out for a bit on the hiway for a run... the girl started up great and runs just so smooth.
I have noticed that the rotary-style injection pump takes more cranking before it starts to deliver fuel and the engine fires up--mostly after sitting more than a couple of days. My inline bosch pump-equipped dt466's would barely give the starter a chance before the engine would kick on, even in sub-zero temps! Gotta love that.

The lucas oil I added in the last change made a difference in the quietness of the valvetrain and I think its helping the rings and valves seat nicer...maybe im just imagining it. I should check the valve clearances, but I don't really think I need to. The new fuel and air filters definitely helped with the feel of power and strength off the line. I also replaced the low-profile steer tires with some good used 11r22.5's off a bus we scrapped. Looks a lot better with more rubber under her, esp after the roof raise. The new chassis batteries are doing great and the 150W solar panel that is hooked to them means I'm always topped up no matter how long it sits for. The belts look dandy. Feeling good on the mechanical status, generally, but there is still more to do.

Before it's time for regular driving, ill be flushing the coolant changing that filter and refilling using the good CAT stuff. I'll also be draining the ATF, replacing it's filter(s), installing a trans temp gauge, and putting in new tranny fluid. I'll also drain and replace the rear diff oil, install new (used) 11r22.5 rear tires to replace the old low-profiles, and put in a pyrometer and maybe boost gauge for fun--though I can usually hear when I'm not making boost. The mechanical solenoid for the electric retarder sometimes sticks, so I'll need to clean and get that set up for mountain driving, and then lastly, install new shocks all around.

Someday, I'd like to get her hiway gears, but it's worth it to be patient for a good used set. Those gears are crazy expensive.

hopefully ill get the walls framed, wired, and prepped for insulation this month.

My band is going to Austin for SXSW so that will take up some time, and of course, I've got to work my paying job...geeez... doesn't anyone know I've got a BUS to build??!? The nerve.... ;)
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Very nice. I like this build.
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Looks great so far! I wish I had the time to get as much done as you have.
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I second that! Looks great and professional.
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Put in some windows today! Felt amazing and SCARY to cut open the sides of the bus. The holes cut easily with my jigsaw and a Bosch metal cutting blade on it with a bit of oil.

The flange of the window is backed by butyl rubber for a seal. I will also be caulking over this with some real good looking RV sealant that is highly recommended--I just cant remember the name and its at the bus. haha

The windows clamp the skin of the bus between their outside flange and the wooden frame I've built around them. I screwed them into the wooden frame through the sides of the windows while clamped or pressed in place. Once the screws go in, the clamping force is set and those windows ain't going nowhere!

Of course, I've changed my mind on a couple of windows and will be buying 2 new ones to replace 2 I decided won't work. I'll put em up on the local CL and see if anyone wants em. Pretty typical.

Feels good to make such rewarding progress! I've got to leave town in a week for a while, but hopefully I'll get the rest in in the next 2 weeks.
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Nice progress!

I sure know about plans changing. I've only changed my floorplan about 10 times (so far) and now I'm thinking about slides...
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