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This weekend we started to fill the holes in the floor and prepare for the floor insulation and osb subfloor.

We decided to use pennies to fill the holes and use some epoxy style glue to hold them down. We started with Locktite Interior glue which is clear and dried well. We ran out and had to use a some gorilla glue for the tail end of the project as we ran out.

There are about 130 pennies glued face up on our floor (plenty of joke references to be had). We originally wanted to use ann with dates that had meaning to us but that was a lot of work and time didnt permit.

Next we started with the flooring. We plan to use OSB on top of some rigid r5.0 insulation. I did this same flooring in my man cave and love it. Feels so much better to stand on already. We are going to put left over deck stain on the OSB to seal it and also over engineer with extra vapor barier but I figure $20 worth of insurance now is worth more later should there be an issue. This weekend we will seal the OSB, run 3/4 inch thin PVC under the OSB for a wire and water chase, and trim the OSB for expansion to finish the job. What you see currently is us dry fitting.

We did have issues with the seat rail and ended up the the idea to bring the floor in then run it under the seat rail but above the wheel well. Its barely enough room but can be done.

Hope to have all of this floor in this weekend with the wire and water line chases in place. I will post more of that after this weekend then it's off to the side insulation panels.
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The previous weekend I worked on getting the floor finished and making some tweaks. Here is the latest progress. Feel free to ask any questions.

After getting the dry run tested I thought about how it could be made better. One of the issues I wanted to address is what happens if or maybe when water gets in? I used some old deck sealer / stain and painted all of the osb all the way around before putting it in. This took about a day to complete but was also being done as the subfloor was cut to shape.

I then used some thin walled PVC and cut notches in the pipe for where the cables exit to deal with the curve. I used 12awg for power and other lines although after discussing with a local mobile repair guy I will be changing to cabled 14 or 16 gauge for lighting and 12v runs. Should help a bit. I made sure to include 3 conduits from where my distribution will be located. One of the conduits is still empty for future growth. I also used duct tape to add a bit of padding and help with vibration noise. Along with power I ran PEX from where my water tank will be under my bed to the kitchen area and also hot back from the kitchen area to the bathroom area.

Before putting in the floor I had to deal with a leak. The doors were flat with the base of the bus so if water got through the door seal.. or better yet, as it always got in i had to do something. The original floor was raised and had a door trim piece. It wasnt water tight by any stretch and accounted for most of the water that got in. I had to figure out a way to stop water from running along the floor and under the insulation since the doors leaked. I ended up using flexable flashing. This stuff worked great. I was able to lay it on the door seal and up on the insualtion creating an inch tall lip where the water could not flow in and should stop all water leaks. I will still get a metal trim piece but it will be more for looks and protection of the flashing than anything else.

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Penny story.

My room mate looked at a project I was working on and noticed some pennies that I had drilled through the center and used as washers (I didn't have the right size).

Roomy: "Are those pennies?"

Me: "Yes."

Roomy: "Why?.

Me: "Because they're cheap and plentiful."

Roomy: "Oh really, how much are they?"

End of penny story.
Don and Mary
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Please tell me she wasn't blonde!
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Originally Posted by EastCoastCB View Post
I don't know how they got around the "we do not insure converted school buses" part of Progressive's legal fine print. Congrats, hope it lasts!
I got my insurance through progressive also. I did the same thing, went to our local agent. We had to call progressive because the vin# was not coming up correctly. But finally they got it corrected and gave me my copy and proof.
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Need advice on how to get going again.

Had a wicked winter with the most snow fall in like 20 years. Needless to say I dont work on the bus in the winter. Any advice to getting started again? I pull up and I step inside my bus and it feels so good but I just dont have the drive to start in on it at the moment. Started looking at house projects. Maybe when the sun is shining that will be the motivation? Any advice to getting motivated after stopping for the winter?

I think the part that has me most hesitant is the elecritcal i chose to use is not strand and attaching the 2x4s to the walls are a serious PITA. I may regret asking but any thought on the wiring im using?

Oh forgot to mention that she is now titled as a Custome Motorhome. The temptation to drive to the local 7-11 for a slurpy last year was rough!
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