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Hi, sorry about that. I'm still learning and had trouble with the video. I'll work on uploading another one.
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Hi Robin91396, Unfortunately in this phase, phase 1 we don't have insulation or a wood stove. Winters in Kodiak are repetitively mild in comparison to other areas in Alaska, especially in the last 3 years. In the last three years it has snowed less than 10 times and the temperature rarely dropped below freezing. The winter temperature is about in the mid to high 30's most of the winter.

This season the plan is to use the skoolie how it is during the spring/summer with an indoor propane heater, a Mr. Heater which does a good job of warming it up quick. To complete phase 1 we will be finishing the paint, some minor mechanical issues (serpentine belt chirping) and building some walls for a "bathroom" (for the porta-poti). As we're using her we'll keep track of things we want to change and add for the second phase.

Second phase will most likely be next winter and include insulation, flooring, a built in dinette table and a small wood stove like the Cubic Mini Stove Cubic Mini Wood Stoves - Mini wood stoves

We'd like to keep the open concept as much as possible, so we might not do a lot of cabinets and built in beds and so forth.
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Bus Geek
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Hello Bumper. I didn't realize it was that warm there in Kodiak. I thought I was going to literally die by freezing to death a couple times in Ketchikan. Two winters of that were enough.
Currently living in Oregon, the couple cold months are quite noticeable as I am also in an uninsulated bus with all it's windows. I didn't think I'd need insulation but I'm seriously considering making that happen.
I like the openness in your bus. I tried to do the same thing but there's no storage and I'm kind of a pack-rat. I went with file cabinets, fridge, bed and TV. It doesn't look open anymore and I'm starting to see the wisdom of using some type of cabinets for better storage and removing some windows to reduce heat transfer. Heating a smaller sleeping portion of the bus really helps during the winter.
I've had two conventional short buses like yours. They do very well at towing relatively heavy loads, like another truck or bus. I'm struggling with getting used to this Bluebird flat-nose because of the way they drive. Now I need to get a class "B" license before I get busted.
I notice you also have L-track all over your floor. Check out how expensive L-track is because you'll probably want to sell that if and when you do your floor. I thought the L-track would be great for securing motorcycles and stuff and it does work well. A hammock is perfect across one of these buses.
Nice pics. I think you're going to have a nice time with the bus. Kids love them.
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I really like those window coverings; care to share a quick bit about how you did them? Did you have to have cold/hot water under pressure and fully plumbed? And may I ask where/how you anchored the hammock?

(Im kinda new here, if asking these questions of you on this type of thread isn't kosher, please let me know! )
1990 International/Wayne 8-window
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Updated Pictures

We had about a 1/2 of a day with some sunshine so my wonderful wife did some painting.

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Great idea and thanks for the feedback about the L track!
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Hi Little Busito, converting school buses can be a labor of love I'm learning. My wife did the window coverings, she sewed two kinds of fabric together since during the summer months it stays light until after midnight we needed something thick. Then she sewed strong magnets into the fabric so they can secure to the roof and wall.

As for the plumbing. The DMV paperwork only stated that we needed a sink with plumbing. So I just used a flexible hose and attached it to a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and called it my "grey water tank". I did the bare minimum to get the classification of motor home. So we don't have any conventional plumbing or hot water, our water comes form a 5 gallon water jug with a hand pump attached. Then it drains into a dog water dish we bought new not used then drilled a hole and put in a standard sink drain that goes into the grey water bucket. Our system is very basic and inexpensive. Since we live on a remote island in the Alaska Aleutian islands we have to be resourceful. The conversion has cost us about $3,000 so far. By the time we're ready to use it this spring and summer we'll probably put in another $500 or so. Our budget for a camper was $4,000, so we're doing okay.
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For the price of double-foil faced rigid foam panels, I'd put those in before anything else.
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CaptSquid, thanks great idea!
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The color picked for the inside of the bus really make a difference! Looks good, I might have to go with a bright color now after seeing how nice it looks in yours!
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