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I cant get both sets of duals spinning fast enough to break it loose and keep it swinging around... my guess is as seriousracer elduded to there needs to be more weight for a little better traction in the back...

all mine does is spin one set of duals fast.. its better when I can get it into 2nd gear and the TCC locks.. I at least can get it to slide out..

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Originally Posted by Iceni John View Post
I'm curious, what's all that strange white stuff on the ground? Is that what is called "snow"? I don't understand. We don't get it here when it gets really cold, like it was this afternoon when the temperature plummeted down to the 60s and the sun disappeared behind a cloud. On days like today with a windchill in the mid-60s, I take sensible precautions when I go outside - I wear my slightly thicker T-shirt and shorts and I even put on my winter-weight insulated flipflops, and obviously I still use sunscreen. I was working on my bus today with just shorts on, but I think I may have felt a slight chill in the air for a brief moment. Only the toughest can survive our winters here. Brrrr.

so has it rained out there so the mudslides can put the wildfires out?

i love snow,.. it is the most fun to drive in (ya gotta know how to skid, spin and not panic,.. so basically drive like a maineiac ,...oh also no brakes if you realize you are going too fast it is almost always too late)
snowbanks ! your best friend when you screw up,.. also your worst enemy when you put your car through one (try digging out with a hub cap)
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Yah well lol
It is amazing to watch the kids go sliding to the back from the centrifugal force. Once you find the sweet spot. Lol
I also have an e350 that does great doughnuts lol.
Heck even my crv does good doughnuts lol
I love winters
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Originally Posted by Johnny Mullet View Post
I am glad you finally found the bus you wanted! I know what you mean about the weather! I live in the same area as you and the roads in that port town are terrible.....
You guys are from my old stompin' grounds. I grew up south of Jefferson and remember what that Lake Effect does. We were just back there for Christmas as my folks now live between Austinburg and Rock Creek on Route 45. Yep, it snowed pretty hard. Who'd uv thunk?
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I guess you didn't grow up in snow country. Newly fallen snow is just beautiful and for some reason as a kid, it was always fun to be the first person to walk on that newly fallen snow.
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Okay, I'm back.

Over the past four months, I have messed with the bus a little bit whenever we've had a somewhat warm day (often meaning "a few degrees above freezing").

The malfunctioning gauge cluster seems to operate intermittently. Sometimes the gauge lights work, sometimes they don't. It seems that if it quits, and then I turn off the key and turn it on again, it works again for a while. Any thoughts?

My mother-in-law, who drove a school bus for 15 years, discovered that it has a small air leak in the front system. Is this an expensive repair or is it something that an ordinary person can do with some tools and some time?

One side of the step well is rusted out, and it sags a little under my weight. Can I reinforce it from underneath?
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