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I daydream about putting flowmaster or glasspacks and routing it right out the side so i can hear that majestic V8 symphony. Nothing else quite like it for me.
abut i too have wondered the laws about having my exhaust blowing directly into a Porsche window. :chair:
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Originally Posted by Tango View Post
If on the curb side, remember that any time you are parked and the engine is running the exhaust will be pouring into your play area. Better to route it out the driver side (mine is just in front of the rear wheels).
Impossible to exit out driver's side on my bus... The Mitsubishi engine and cage goes from nearly the back of the tires to the rear bumper. Plus I've got fuel tanks on both sides.

I do have what sees like an enormous amount of space down the center of the bus from the axle to rear bumper, but it's going to be tough to route plumbing from outside the frame rail to the center.
Black water tank? NO for sure!, grey water tank? MAYBE... If I can maintain positive angle drop and smaller diameter plumbing.
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In cold climate we use the exhaust to heat the water / waste tanks. JMO

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I'd do it. I'm going straight pipe from the turbo back. My bus is gonna roll some coal.
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the rule in ohio is it has to be at least behind the rear wheels to be legal... and if you have occupied space it has to be behind that.. however i think the law my designate occupied space as a space with a seat or opening window...

you could easily just call it "utility space" but I have only ever seen people cited for exhaust issues when its either clearly a nuisance or its a cop looking for an easy stop...

I never liked my exhaust exit on the same side as my fuel door only because in a diesel i often leave it run while fueling and it smells bad..

I rthink for you out the passenger side just behind the wheel would be fine unless you do plan to idle when outside the bus alot, but im guessing you'll have the bus off when in play mode.

only thinbg i'll say about through the skirt is make the hole big enough the exhaust doesnt clank around... in columbus some of the IC busses have the exhaust going through the rear bumper and they are the ugliest sounding newer busses as they come clanging down the street as that pipe rattles in the cutout hole.

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when i tow, the exhaust does soot up the front of my trailer directly behind the pipe. Plastic gas cans got sooted and i don't think it washes off. it may wash off metal easier than plastic.

i can and need to turn the last section of pipe 180* and it will exit just under the rear side skirt.

i want to dinghy tow and the last thing i need is a car being sooted over.
Turfmobile Build Thread
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My original exhaust dumped straight out the rear drivers side and directly onto my motorcycle carrier. I did exactly what you're thinking about except that my exhaust already was below skirt level so I didn't have to cut a hole. I disconnected the slip connector just rear of the back axle and flipped the pipe around so it came out the rear drivers side at about a 45 degree angle. Then I just took the pipe and did a slash cut so it sticks out about two inches further than the skirt. No problems, haven't been hassled about it, and my bike is nice and soot free.
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Here 's mine...

all stainless up and over the driveshaft...then...

...down and back just in front of the rear wheels on the driver side.
(and being a diesel...also makes it easy to read the smoke)
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Originally Posted by milkmania View Post
Well, I'm at Plumber's Rule #1

And the only foreseeable place to put my grey water holding tank is far back passenger side..... BUT!

My exhaust pipe is routed there (hot pipe & plastic = no good)

I was looking at exhaust, and just after it jumps over the axle, it has a 35 - 40 bend, with a clamp just before the final bend.

My question is, can I unclamp the clamp, flip the pipe over, cut a 5 inch hole in skirt and exit out the side right behind the tires? Or I might be able to flip pipe and turn down at bottom lip of skirt
What are the drawbacks to not exiting out the back? Diesel soot on skirt?
Grandma taught me how soap & water works!

Yeah man go for it.
I did almost exactly the same thing.
My grey water tank is sitting in that corner.
I cut my pipe after the drop and before the turn but my flip over wasn't quite square and ran it back into where your fender wells/my mud flaps are going to be so I ended up cutting the drop down to make it swivel where I needed it.
Had to get fancy to make a homemade swedging tool/pipe expander for a coupling but all is good
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