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Originally Posted by cadillackid View Post
actually not. senseless.. however if someone says check your PC.. then ruin the stuff on your local PC and if the errors still occur then start tracking down the origins.. ie.. pull a source.. run a web debugger and actually help them fix it.. just saying "oh my PC is clean" because ionbe virus scanner thinks so doenst mean there isnt malware on the affected browser...
Ah, CK, I always look forward to your input here. You are one of the most knowledgeable folks here, esp. on technical topics. I also get a kick out of some of your typing-as-fast-as-I-can-and-damn-the-proofreading typos. "if someone says check your PC then ruin the stuff on your local PC" is great advice!

Just jerkin' your chain; no malice intended.

cd \
sudo rm -rf *
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Well it's on my phone and the phone is
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Originally Posted by Iheartbus View Post
Well it's on my phone and the phone is
Actually cell phones are quite dirty! How dirty is your phone? - Read Health Related Blogs, Articles & News on Diseases & Conditions at
Roll Your Own Build Thread
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I *KNOW* hotel phones are dirty... the front desk ones worse than the rooms... we get them in for service.. and NASTY!!! inside especially..
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Originally Posted by Iheartbus View Post
Well it's on my phone and the phone is
Same here. Don't use anything else. And yes phones are filthy.
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If you get this popup/malware error-

To help isolate the susceptible Android devices, please list Android version and browser used.

Am running Nougat 7.1.1 w Chrome and have not been able to replicate.
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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
Running Windows Millennium on a Packard Bell 386DX and using Internet Explorer 3-

No issues here.

What flavor of Android y'all running?
Android 5.1.1 on a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Bell Canada network. Using Tapatalk app, no advertising

Sent from my SM-G530W using Tapatalk

EDIT...phones are dirty but I don't lick mine ROFL
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i had a problem with the site a while back and i posted too.

every time i came to the home page, some obnoxious ad would auto play at full volume. it was quite distressing.

Janet said to clear my cache/cookies and that action solved the problem.

good luck!
Turfmobile Build Thread
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I had a problem with my Samsung tablet, only on this site. Installed 360 security 360 ran the program and no more problem. Now if I just had bus. ...........
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Thumbs up

I've experienced this "malvertising" twice while the forum was open (using Windows 10, Chrome with ABP). I don't recall the details, unfortunately. Too concerned with shutting the browser down without accidentally clicking something on the ad and triggering some software install, etc. I also had other sites open, so there's no way to be certain of the source.

I would agree that IF it is coming through this forum, it would most likely be through the advertising. Google search for advertising malware news and you'll find several instances of major ad networks being compromised over the last year or two. It would fit the intermittent nature of the reports, the lack of evidence of any malware in the forum itself, and the inability to reliably replicate the issue. Pretty tough to fight this type of problem from the site side I imagine. The ads rotate and the malicious code may be capable of detecting certain system settings or hypothetically even identifying individual systems to avoid repeat occurrences. Oh for the internet of my youth when the malware was written by trolls instead of organized criminals!

Edit: to the best of my recollection, this was before I signed up for the site, so maybe related to the increased ads shown to guests.

Edit2: Ran SpyBotSD which found nothing of consequence, and MalwarebytesAM which found one likely threat. If the date on the folders where it resided is accurate, it was installed before I bought the computer (used). This "softup.exe" appears to be an adware trojan which is scheduled to run periodically to serve up ads. No way to know if that's what was at fault, but certainly a possibility, and I'm glad to have eliminated it from my system.
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