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Re: Kicked out of Skoolie

I too am a Gmail user and so far I've not been removed. If I am... well so long guys and girls. You'll find me over at where the admins are not lazy and actually have a clue on how to admin a simple forum.
There is absolutely no logical reason as to why has gotten out of hand and that deleting gmail account holders is an acceptable solution. It really comes down to laziness and not really wanting to solve the issues. Which is a shame as I'm sure Steve gave a crap back in the day but times have changed and so here we are today.

Sorry for the rant guys... I'm really not as pissed off about the issue as my post may sound.

PS, please everyone, back up your own build threads and posts. Do not count on to keep your intellectual thoughts safe. This could all be gone tomorrow.
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Re: Kicked out of Skoolie

Hi, all -

GreyEagle has done a pretty good job of illustrating the reasons that some of you are experiencing frustration. I have tried to address everyone individually that has voiced complaints, but apparently a post should be made to all concerned as well. First off, it was never our intention to "weed out" the devoted members of or their posts. I realize that people have worked extremely hard on their contributions to this site, and we appreciate your time, effort and participation. So, please accept my apologies if you were one of the parties affected (unintentionally) by the major clean-up of spam / hackers / etc.

Second (the bad news): If your posts / photos / contributions were deleted, they are gone forever. I have tried every possible way to reinstate past posts, but this system is designed in such a way (as most boards are) to disallow posts that are deleted from being reposted. (GlennC: I believe I replied to your e-mail via private message, so hopefully this clears things up.)

Third: I understand everyone's frustrations with the e-mail provider limitations. I use Gmail almost exclusively, so I feel your pain. However, the major e-mail providers (such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail) do absolutely nothing to prevemt spammers signing up for innumerable fake e-mail accounts and then spamming websites, blogs, etc. Until these providers put some measure in place to circumvent spammers / hackers from obtaining hundreds of e-mail address in an hour, it is in this site's best interest (and in yours) to discontinue the use of these e-mail addresses during registration to this site.

All of the moderators and administrators worked hard to deleted hundreds of thousands of fake users and spam posts from this board. It took days to go page-by-page to make sure we tried to retain as many members and their posts as possible. Unfortunately, within the thousands of pages we looked through, some errors were made. I apologize for this! We spent the time because we know how important this board is to the current members and to potential members who seek advice for their projects. Hopefully we can keep things in check from now on and make sure this board continues to be a place where people can share their projects and look for advice.


-= Sara
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Re: Kicked out of Skoolie

Originally Posted by Sara
(GlennC: I believe I replied to your e-mail via private message, so hopefully this clears things up.)-= Sara
Sara, indeed you replied with an apology and I thank you for that, but this is the first time my question was definitively answered: that my posts are gone forever. I find it hard to believe that there wasn't a way to filter for real users before the mass delete. Length of time on the forum, replies across many other's threads, personal thread with lots of photos, an e-mail requesting a response before the delete, SOMETHING. I'm very disappointed and really haven't the time to rebuild my entire conversion thread so, please, because my former build thread makes no sense without my posts, you should probably go ahead and delete the entire thing.
So long folks!
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