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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

someone asked me what was the name of that crazy cajun i started looking for his site which i haven't been on in a long long time. I couldn't find it. After searching for a long time, i'm prett ysure he changed the name. I know it used to be something related to bus conversion nuts ......looks like it's new name on yahoo groups is....are ya ready for this:


sounds like he must be a little jealous if he's stealing the name of this site.

"skoolie ORIGINAL, LARGEST skoolie group. "
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will watch the watchmen?)
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

how pathetic this forum is. the truth is steve lapeer stole the name from arkie. go look at and notice the date it was created. now look at the date was created. you'll notice that arky coined the term skoolie several months BEFORE lapeer stole it for this group. and another truth is....almost every skoolie here was built on BEFORE they ever came here. and another TRUTH is check ANYTHING really informative posted here and then go search for it on nuts and you'll see it ALL came from there. schoolbusconversionuts is the MOTHER of the skoolie movement and ALL skoolie groups. and thats a FACT. also search thier messages for authors name ANY ONE HERE and you'll see the TRUTH. gonecamping was irv2gonecamping there. all you so called experts here were booted from there because they are full of crap. one of your members recently wrote that the only reason exists is for a place for the booted assholes to go. THATS about the only original/true thing i've read here. you remind me of a banty chicken(****) all fluffed up to feel like they are really all that. schoolbusconversionuts has gained more members in the last year than has in total.even though skoolienet is populated by a buncha professional trolls that paper the internet with it's link and even though it comes up first in search engines. all you are is a buncha IT's ( internet technicians), TROLLS, dumbasses who can't even figure out what ARCHIVES are even after it bieng explained in detail, PHONIES who want to be gurus but can't there because everyone knows the TRUTH, mouthy bitches who want a chatroom, KNOW NOTHINGS who never actually answer the questions pointedly and people who want to control how others speak. i've read many of you bitch out arkie at length and get it posted. lets see if this gets posted for very long. this group WAS, IS and will ALWAYS BE a SAD hollow shadow copycat group of schoolbusconversionuts that misleads/misinforms newbies. you are sooooo sad!
attn: NEWBIES goto schoolbusconversionuts. with over 2800 members it's the largest. at seven years old it's the ORIGINAL. with a HUGH HOW-TO archive and over 23,000 ON SUBJECT postings and 170 photo albums it's the BEST place to learn how to build your skoolie fro THEM THATS DOING ( not them that learned it there) it's the REAL THING!
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

you're a perfect example of the dumbasses in this group. arkie did coin SKOOLIE dipshit! before that they were called SCHOOLIES DUHHHH! look at the dates ASSHOLE. google the term DUUHHH! and there were a lot of skoolies around before arkie started the movement. but there was NO MOVEMENT before he did it. DUHHHH! but you're too frikken dumb to grasp the difference. before he started the movement no one would even talk to a skoolie owner on bbs's. and not to mention all the lies the BUSNUTS told about skoolies to repress them. like you can't get insurance for them etc.etc. DUHHH!which he SINGLEHANDEDLY CHANGED FOOL! the truth will OUT. i ain't trying to win you over. i'm only trying to lead newbies to where the TRUTH is. so they can get advice from the REAL skoolies not the phonies. funny you didn't attempt to shoot your mouth off about how lapeer stole the name after you shot your mouth off about how arkie stole it from here. the truth hurts huh? and FACTS are FACTS. you couldn't find your ass with both hands. but you do shoot your mouth off real good. BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER.
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

ooops. i'm sorry i made a mistatement. i meant before arkie coined the term SKOOLIE they were called SCOOLIES because it was a derivitive of it's cool bus and all the hippies blocked out the H in school bus over the windshield ( and still do). one final thing.... YOU started the flaming. i never would have said a word if lapeer hadn't insinuated arkie stole the group name skoolie and if you hadn't shot off your mouth. but hey whats the TRUTH got to do with anything? buncha PHONIES!
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

for all you discerning folks heres the facts. arkie started on april 18, 2001 it was the FIRST internet group dedicated to skoolies only. after he came up with the name SKOOLIE he started on may 27, 2001. all you have to do is go there and see the dates on the left sidebar. after they grew to several hundred members steve and jason and another TROLL started a flame war ( thats what TROLLS DO ) amongst themselves in order to cause dissension which they fixed by starting on july 15, 2002 drawing away nearly 100 of our members who didn't realize what was actually happening. the TRUTH is there for everyone to see. theres no way around it! and to set the record straight to you KNOW NOTHINGS who are shooting off your mouth..... it's YOUR members who cut and paste fro OUR sites. all anyone has to do is go see which came first. theres no way to retrodate anything! pick ANY info, or link etc. from here and go search our messages and you'll SEE where it all comes from.
the difference between real folks and PHONIES is this. PHONIES think whatever they write is the truth.... as long as they say it nicely and use spellcheck/grammarcheck. on the other hand real folks talk like real people and TELL THE TRUTH!
it's PLAIN to see who's who! go see for yourselves! so if all thats important to you is talking nice then by all means get your skoolie advise here. and build a piece of ****. but if you can discern the TRUTH then goto where ALL the REAL experts are and build yourself a safe skoolie, efficiently. like nearly ALL the members here have done.
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

you can't go right duhhhh. cause you got **** for brains. the rest of you consider this.... 24% of all posts here are by the moderators. on nuts it's 2%. and ALL our posts are on subject. no mouthy bitches of either gender cluttering up the board. we average 300 postings monthly by average 75 DIFFERENT members. here you only get a handfull of postings, most off subject by a handfull of phonie "potentates" who are basicly LIARS. soooo i ain't trying to get anyone "back". i'm only trying to get through to newbies who may not know THERES MORE TO THIS THAN MEETS THE EYE!
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

Thank you for proving our point by making an ass of yourself.

Also, since you seem to have some difficulty with math let's look at this together.

Steve-7.47% of posts
Jason-8.47% of posts
Les-2.53% of posts

Now Steve is technically an administrator as this is his site (not a yahoo group) so we really shouldn't count him as a mod, but lets do that just for the heck of it.

So what percentage of the posts come from mods+admins? 18.47% over the entire course of the site's run. That is a fry cry from 24% when you consider the number of posts on this board. Furthermore, there is little need for moderators since this is a friendly site. Sure, there is some off topic chit-chat. Is that a bad thing? Not at all! It makes us more of a cohesive group. Not every post needs to be tech related. For those that want nothing but tech there is Arky's site. For anyone else that wants a pleasant environment where chit chat is allowed, there is a massive collection of people from all walks of life with all kinds of experience, and all the tech a person could want there is this site.

For the record, I started at Arkie's site and came here after I couldn't tolerate his site. It took me perhaps 3 days to come to that conclusion. Here is a rundown of why I disliked his site.

1. Personal opinions are not allowed. You must do things in the method the powers that be feel you should.

2. The search function is impossible. It's not Arkie's is the fault of yahoo...but nevertheless it sucks. Steve has done a nice job here making information very easy to find.

3. This is a relaxed, friendly environment. It's ok to have a thread totally unrelated to school bus conversions. The knowledge base here is huge and isn't limited to bus information. Furthermore, people here have a sense of humor, something not found on the yahoo group.

4. The site just plain keeps getting better. Our mods and admins are not untouchable gods. For instance, when the site was redone previous to this revision and several of us asked for a way into the forums without going through the front page Steve gave us a backdoor. He makes the site work for us. When we try to get him to accept some support he refuses. In Arkie's site you don't even have that option as any suggestion will result in being labelled a troll and being banned.

5. The grammar and spelling on this site does exist. We are all human, but run-on sentences, grammatical errors, overuse of caps, and spelling so terrible that I cannot figure out what the word is supposed to be makes reading very difficult. I don't want try and figure out what someone is saying just to figure out if the post is relevant. The combination of a poor search engine and pitiful English makes the archieves impossible to use.

So...there are constant complaints of trolls on that site. How did you end up here making inflamitory remarks? Wouldn't that make you the epitome of a troll? Feel free to badmouth us on that site. We will say our mind on this site. Your efforts are not going to change the fact that I (and many others) feel this is the greatest school bus conversion (and more!) site out there.
Skooling state at a time...
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

I have never been to the other site, and WOW...... after reading this, I won't ever.
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

. . .
~(G)Q Arduously Avoiding Assimilation
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Re: Let's give Arky the boot!

Originally Posted by Kand454
I have never been to the other site, and WOW...... after reading this, I won't ever.

I agree
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