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Re: What's Happened to Skoolieconversions?

I see Arkie STILL isn't taking his meds.

So far no one on this board has sent any graphic e-mails to my personal e-mail address threatening me with physical violence. They were bad enough that I dumped that group as soon as I got the things and re-posted them for the rest of the group to see why I quit... which just garnered me a few more that I only read one of and set the address up to go directly to the trash. I also sent copies to Yahoo which did no good either since I later heard he was still doing the same thing. I don't use Yahoo groups because of that. They say one thing but do nothing when a group violates their rules.

Beware, Arkie does sometimes lurk on this site. You can usually tell if it's one of his posts as it's almost identical to the e-mails you received. There are a few here that regularly post "Arkie-like" posts. I put them on my FOES list because it's just easier to do that to deal with them. Arkie isn't the only nasty thug out there.
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Re: What's Happened to Skoolieconversions?

Originally Posted by thjakits
Yeah I know - old threat...

"[Yada yada]...Since then this group has not only grown to be the largest skoolie group but has had far reaching effects on the SKOOLIE movement, RV design, yahoo groups and members lives as well. We are responsible for spreading the TRUTH about skoolies, dis-proving myths such as the un-availability of insurance to the myth about bieng turned away from all campgrounds etc etc. NOW we are a movement to be reckoned with. we are the second largest FREE RV group on yahoo. PEOPLE TAKE NOTICE! Of SKOOLIES now!
This group is DIRECTLY responsible for the building of HUNDREDS of skoolies. BEFORE this group there was only RVPOTENTATES spouting party line about ONLY ONE WAY to build a skoolie. The conventional way. NOW people are building RV's using the INNOVATIVE techniques we have developed here....[yada, yada]
In addition there has been at least THREE BOOKS published directly from our group archives as well as at least three private skoolie dotcoms who leveraged off our group and several SKOOLIE FORUMS formed by our members....[yada, yada]
we are the MOTHER of ALL SKOOLIE GROUPS...[yada, yada]
EVERY QUESTION that ANYONE can have regarding skoolies has been answered here MULTIPLE times by MULTIPLE experts. THAT'S why we stress, CHECK OUT OUR ARCHIVES!! thats also why we say BEWARE of other groups that offer newbies zero protection against spam and wrong advise by trolls.

[yada, yada]"

WOW - DOES this guy have some issues or what?!! Is he for real?

Well enough time wasted!

Cheers all,

It took me half an hour to read that s***. Like clearing out the yard of an abandoned house with the occasional OWW from encountering a broken beer bottle hidden in the grass. So that's what the NUTS in "SchoolBUSconversioNUTS" refers to!

Oh, Lord, thank you for directing me to instead of that jungle!
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