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Acting as if

I decided to start making things I will use in my bus when I get it, then half the work will already be done

Since I want to use the furniture in my room for the bus, which I like and want to keep, I am modifying it to what I will need.

My 48" w x 24"d x 30"h desk has been turned into my main kitchen unit. I put in a 14" x 12" plastic sink, which is big enough for my plates. Plumbing consists of 6 gallon water container used for grey water below . For the time being I am just going to pour the water into the sink. Used a small dresser type thing for the drawers. Added a three drawer plastic container for food storage. Both these items fit under the desk and don't stick out. There is also room for three one gallon water bottles behind the dresser thing. You wouldn't believe how much stuff you can fit into such a small space when you really think about it.

Last night I Finished the frame for the toilet and put the seat on. Bucket went in perfectly and is a tight fit. Today I will paint it white. I have decided to have a white toilet and bathroom, as I painted my kitchen furniture black and the fridge I am going to buy today is black.The fridge will be about 2" higher than the desk and my microwave will sit on it. I have a hot plate, small rice cooker and crockpot

I have the bag in the toilet wrapped tight so it cannot move. I am using peat moss and baking soda. I heard somewhere this is a good combo and keeps the odors down to the minimum. We shall see.

When I get the bus I may have to make some adjustments, but it shouldn't be too hard. I will of course attach all the furniture to the framing.

This is kind of like a test for me, to see if I can live everyday life with the kitchen set up and using a bucket toilet. My bedroom Is 10' W by 18' L. I figure my bus is going to be at least 4' longer. I can't do anything about the width at this time because I'm not willing to have furniture in the middle of the room. The kitchen is all set up on one wall, including the fridge, it is 6' long.

Anyway sorry this was so long. And, sorry I don't have any pictures. I don't have a camera or a cell phone at this time. Really need to get a phone.

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Re: Acting as if

You are being wise. Make sure you can actually get your furniture in the bus as constructed. The rear doors are awesome, but the front doors aren't so great. I know my couch is now permanent party because I couldn't get it back out if I wanted to.

What are your plans for power? A crock pot, rice cooker, hot plate, and microwave are all going to be tremendously difficult to run without a generator or shore power. Just some food for thought...
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Re: Acting as if

Yep, crockpot, hot plate and rice cooker The way I have it done right now makes it very easy to take stuff from under the desk and move it by itself, same can be said for the desk.

Eventually I would like to use solar power. I plan on being hooked up to power most of the time. I was thinking of buying a generator later down the road. Man I need to buy the bus first though

Still its exciting just being able to get things going in that direction.

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Re: Acting as if

Oh and yes, a microwave.
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Re: Acting as if

I've seen camera-phones for under $30...hit a cell phone store and see if they have any trade-ins. Mine was $'s not a camera, but they had one that was for the same price.
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Re: Acting as if

Thanks guys, I looked at Walmart today for a phone with a camera in it. Still kind of spendy for me. The Cameras were not that expensive though. I have checked out the solar ovens, even thought about making my own simple one down the road.

Went to the store for the peatmoss and baking soda. Hope this peatmoss works, because it was cheap for a big bag of it. $8.98. I think it will last me at least a month. I have the toilet in the closet, which doesn't have any venting in it, so I will just keep the door open a little. My roommate would not be happy to hear I had built my own toilet in my room
On the plus side if it does work the way I have heard it works I shouldn't have any problems. And when I get the bus I will have a window open in that room anyway.

I'll let you know how this little experiment works out

Hope everyone is doing good,

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Re: Acting as if

If I found out my roommate was crapping in the closet, it would have been pretty uncomfortable for me. No matter what the story is, it's bizarre.

But funny as all get out!

Let us know how it goes over, if your roomie finds out.

BTW, great idea doing a dry run on living in smaller space.

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Re: Acting as if

I thought TE was a mind reader about what kitchen cooking stuff I was going to use. I forgot I had said it in my original post, So my response after his makes no sense. And here I thought the meds were working
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Re: Acting as if


I like your idea...see what kind of space you need and deal with before you buy. Good plan. I think the closet pooper is pretty funny. Best of luck.

I'm not sure how far you are along with things, but I told you awhile back that I'd try to keep you posted on buses that were in the west-ish. My District is selling...I'm going to get more information later. But they'll be at auction next month...the weekend following Easter, I think. One is a 1996 Ford with a 5.9 Cummins, the other is 1995 International with a T444e. I'm not sure of the capacity or miles. I do know they are both automatics, though. Either motor would be fairly easy for parts and reliability, etc. If you're ready or close to being ready, this might be a chance to get something you might like. Let me know what you think and I'll gather for information for you...or anyone else.

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Re: Acting as if

Ben thanks. I thought I was close to buying, but the money had to get diverted somewhere else.

I appreciate you letting me know though, that was very nice of you.

Are you trailriding yet. I'm looking for someone to pack my mule in the mountains to give her the experience. Trouble is I can only pay 200 bucks per month. And she has never had a pack saddle on before. She was ridden in the round pen a few times when I had the money to send her to the trainer for sixty days. Lime green is how I refer to her

Anyway, thanks again,

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