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Originally Posted by opus View Post
Get hold of Daniel - Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy and Supply

He'll give you some effective ideas for headlamps.

Well that's bizarre, my old man was top salesman for CIBIE in British Columbia in the 70's, he/we got transferred out to Ontario in '75 to bigger territory. A few years later they screw him so he quit. A very good product.
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I have 2 of the lights on the front and back of my bus with clear lenses, the ones on the front do put a lot of glare on the hood, if you do it you will want to put some type of bracket under the lights so they dont shine on the hood.
Even if you dont use the built in lights you can still use the wires and switch to power other types of lights or bars, just dont put too much power down the wires, the original bulbs probably took 60 to 80 watts.
my bus thread,
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how do you make them stay on instead of flash in the flash pattern? will just a new switch take care of it or do i have to change something?
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Originally Posted by jester View Post
how do you make them stay on instead of flash in the flash pattern? will just a new switch take care of it or do i have to change something?
Rewire them into the brake and turn signals
Hey! That's not an RV, that's a school bus.
Well thank you for noticing, Captain Obvious

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Per the State Patrol here in Wisconsin, the upper flashing lights have to be removed, not just covered or disconnected. I asked if I could re-wire them to be "extra" driving and turn lights, and the inspector was quite excited about this idea, since "more lights are safer". I just wired them into the relevant circuits: red for driving, amber for turn. Of course, this thread reminded me that I didn't re-connect the red and amber upper lights in the front of the bus...guess I'll do that as soon as the temps are above single digits again and I feel like working outside ;)

As for getting rid of the "flash pattern", I removed the whole eight-function flasher device and wired the lights directly to their respective terminals in the buss panel.
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FYI: many places restrict red lamps facing forward. I presume it's because of the potential for them to be confused with tail lights of a vehicle going the other way, or with lights of an emergency vehicle.
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And from what I understand, many areas prohibit the height of "driving" lights way below where these would be for "on highway" use and require that they be covered when on the road.
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I have seen several different ways in which the overhead crossover lights were repurposed.

The best I have seen was swapping out the stock lights with some very bright LED's to use as yard lights when parked.

I know of no jurisdiction where any sort of driving light would be legal mounted that high off of the ground. I would also be concerned about the glare it would cause for oncoming traffic.

If you do mount some sort of high intensity light they would have to have some sort of cover to prevent some cop who doesn't have anything better to do from giving you a ticket.

Many CA spe'c buses have "eyebrows" over their crossover lights that fold down when the school bus is on a non-school run. Those sort of "eyebrows" would work very well to cover non-standard running lights.
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If you decide to use any lights besides LED's you are going to have to use a switch and a relay in order to power up those lights.

Normal switches are usually not capable of handling the amount of current large incandescent bulbs use.

When you disconnect the wires from the 8-way flasher make sure you mark which ones are the front red/amber and which ones are the rear red/amber lights. With 8 different lights you could wire them up in various different ways to accomplish different tasks. Just make sure that if you make some of the lights some sort of flasher that works like a turn signal that they can't alternate flash. Same way with high mounted brake lights. Alternating flashers would get back to school bus equipment that RV's are not allowed to have.
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Montana DEFINITELY has some auxiliary light height specs. That high, and I'd be guaranteed a lighter wallet by some nice fellow with pretty lights on top of HIS vehicle.

I might consider turning them into turn signals front and rear and EXTREMELY high mounted brake lights on the rear. On the front? Perhaps BOTH lights on either side into turn signals?
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custom, lighting, lights

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