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Re: Best Bus for a conversion

Air brakes feel a little bit different from hydraulics, but not much. No worries there.
What you need to do about air brakes is learn the technical aspect, so you can tell if something is wrong. Commercial drivers have to take a separate DMV written test for air brakes, and the most common reason for flunking a commercial drive test is lack of air brake knowledge -- they flunk the pre-trip inspection and never get to even put the truck in gear.

Air brake knowledge is not rocket science, but there is definitely stuff to learn, and learn so you truly understand it. There are some good web sites for this (but I have lost the links I used to have handy).

Strange thing is, once your bus is registered as a motor home, all you are required to have is a plain passenger car driver license, even with air brakes. I guess the authorities don't want to annoy their RV-driving parents with silly safety stuff.
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Re: You folks are phenomenal

Originally Posted by Espiritus
And how do you get it home without a CDL when you first locate and buy a bus?
I'm sure it varies by state, but in NC i'm pretty sure they can give you 72 hour temp tags to move the vehicle. I'm going to have to call to find out for sure, as their website is not very clear.

Good luck finding your bus! Look everywhere and definitely get the one you want. Make sure you check your local school surplus lots! For energy sources, you might also want to check into wind turbines. They're expensive, but you can always build one yourself. Our plan is similar - long term boondocking with as little hook up as possible with solar, wind and generator back up. As far as cooking goes, I've been told that microwaves pull a lot of juice (we don't use one in our house anyway) but maybe a NuWave type cooker could be more energy efficient with the same result? Our grandparents just got one and it works pretty well.

Keep us posted
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Re: You folks are phenomenal

Originally Posted by Espiritus
... So, Lorna, you're fairly close to Montgomery, can I pay you to teach me how to drive your bus?...
We are in Roswell... NEW MEXICO! Long, long ways from "Bama. Every time I have to do an order for appliances I have to go back and change the state from GA to NM.

We brought our bus "home" from Almond NC to Franklin NC on the back roads (Needmore to Lower Burningtown to Airport Rd to Trimont Lake Road and up my parents driveway). Stripped it, loaded our stuff in it, packed my kids stuff up, packed up the Class C, hitched our Jeep to the bus, hitched the food cart to my daughters Jeep and we left NC headed for NM. No tags, no insurance, just a Bill of sale and old SC title. Left the bus for a couple years in Socorro. Drove it over to Roswell (NM) without tags, insurance and apparently no headlights (they shut down on us... don't know why, haven't checked it out, I suspect a bad light switch... spent the cold night on the side of the road in Tinnie), just the old title and bill of sale. We need to get the bus titled in a few months. That's gonna be fun. Roswell NM DMV (they call it MVD) is a PITA.

BTW, we checked with a used car dealer we knew. He said we could either get a temp tag thru him or we could run on the bill of sale. We took the risk for the bill of sale. If we were to do over, we would get the temp tag. The police are looking for for revenue. So much so in NM, that David & I call them Revenuers. We aren't the only ones to notice this trend and others have picked up on the nickname.
This post is my opinion. It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.
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