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Bus (diesel) end of the tail pipe, how hot?

I will be looking for holding tanks in the next few weeks. I plan to locate my black tank behind the passenger side wheels because there is a large outside storage bin behind the driverís side wheels. I donít mind locating the dump on the passenger side because I plan to use a macerator pump to empty the black tank, the 1í hose off of the pump should make the dumping chores easy enough to handle.

How close to the exhaust pipe can I locate my holding tanks? I plan on using angle iron frames lined with plywood to mount and protect the tanks. On a full size bus (72 passenger diesel engine, conventional) how much heat is present at the end of the tail pipe? Can I get away with say one inch of air space between the plywood and the exhaust pipe, does the exhaust cool off much after traveling 25 feet or so or is the end of the tailpipe still pretty hot?
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Re: Bus (diesel) end of the tail pipe, how hot?

Yeah, I thought about using a piece of sheet metal, I have some pieces laying around. After getting under the bus I think my best bet will be moving the last ten feet of exhaust pipe over about 8 or 10 inches. That will allow me much more room to work and a wider tank. I will need to find some pipe or a length of accordion style exhaust pipe, cut the pipe behind the rear axle and move it over, hang the tank then angle the end of the exhaust back out towards the passenger's side.
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Re: Bus (diesel) end of the tail pipe, how hot?

a piece of sheet metal used as a "heat shield" would prob be the simplest.

another option is just cutting your exhaust off closer to the front of the bus. I cut the exhaust off of a previous bus. I took one of the elbows, cut it off, and welded it on the tip to help point the exhaust down and out the side of the bus in front of the axle.

a bus doesn't really need 37 feet of exhaust tubing.
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Re: Bus (diesel) end of the tail pipe, how hot?

my exhaust pipe is right next to my black water tank that is wrapped in 1/4" foam and has a plywood bottom for support and there is no melting or burning. Now it's about 25' from the engine and being gas I am sure it runs hotter than a diesel so I would say you won't have any problems. sportyrick
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