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Love pneumatics...just wish I had a bigger compressor so I could run'em for more than 11 seconds at a time.
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Originally Posted by jwilcox
Wow, cool, so I'm not alone in my femininity here :-0
hahaha, not alone, there are a bunch of us. But I don't think about it much. Honestly, everyone here is so straightforward and generous with information, I've never felt talked down to because I'm a woman. (If anything, I'm very aware of my lack of technical ability and skills compared to the very knowledgeable posters here, but responses have been nothing but kind and helpful.)

Phoenix, What else did you use in the way of "green" building materials?
I'm planning to use recycled materials as much as possible as well as some natural materials:

The old bus seats will be reused as a dinette. Our bus had handicapped-accessible seats and a lift, so the seats have 3-point harnesses for the younger kids. Walls will be more of the formaldehyde-free plywood. Our existing eco-latex mattress will be used in the bus. I bought a vintage gas oven to convert to propane.

I'm avoiding things that offgas significantly whenever possible, and just received my order of interior paint (passivating paint and eggshell enamel) from here:
Organic Paint: Odorless & 100% VOC Free | Ecos Paints

I'm planning on sanded cork for the floors, which I'll seal with zero-VOC Ecos Wood Shield. Other builders will have some objections with cork, but I think it's a good fit for us.

I had hoped to make a roof-mounted solar water heater with black hose under a glass box, but mr. phoenix isn't as much of a hippie as I am

As someone mentioned, green building is a trade-off; some things seem like great options (denim insulation!), and might be under other circumstances, but then a less natural material might make more sense. I'm trying to just roll with it and appreciate everything that goes into our bus.

A pneumatic wrench was a big help for us. On the other hand, I found that the easiest way (for us) to remove the wall skin was with a simple mallet and chisel. That was fun. It's really tempting to listen to all the great advice here and just go with it like a template, but some things will be specific to you/your bus that you just have to find your own way. In the end, that has been very empowering, I think. Can't wait to read more about your build!
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I'm going to start another thread called "Best tools for removal of ceiling and wall skins?" if anybody wants to get in on that, cool. Thanks for all the super helpful advice; its already changed my direction a good bit and I feel more excited than ever to get going on this project!
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Originally Posted by charles_m View Post
I just spray foamed a short bus Im building today and the results, again, are incredible.
It instantly evens out the high and low temps, dampens sound, adds structural rigidity, and seals the bus. Can you tell I drank the spray foam coolaid?
So, if I may ask, What brand or type of spray foam are you using? What's the delivery system? (I.e., are you buying complete disposable from-the-tak-to-the-gun systems or cleanable hoses and guns, only buying the chemicals? What's the cost to, say, do the floors and walls of a typical 40' bus to 1-1/2"

Inquiring minds want to know, thanks in advance, etc.
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I too would like to know that the approximate costs would be, but with ceiling included if possible.....
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On this build we did Foam It Green available online. The cost is about $1/square foot/inch of thickness.
The results were good, don't under order the quantity, it doesnt spray on as evenly as a pro rig can, but the foam is the same product. Comes in precharged tanks.

If you can find a contractor to do it, it is a good bet and the results can be very goood. This bus was too small to find a competitive bid on so i did the kit.

The advantage of diy is that you have complete control over the coverage and where foam goes and does not go. The downside is that you have to trim and spray and prep yourself.

Measure the area you want to cover and multiply that by the inches of thickness you need. We removed the inner skin and did 3 inches of foam flush to the strapping which bumped out net wall thickness out by another 1.25" from stock.
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ceiling, flooring, insulation, screws, walls

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