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I'm with Cowlitz on this. You can interpret it however you want, it's how the officer decides to interpret it. I try and leave nothing for their imaginations.

One thing that anyone has yet to hit on is the insurance, and I highly doubt any insurance company would cover that as an rv.

By all means, take down the seats, turn them upside down, hell throw a blanket over them too. But if the trooper decides that you're against the law, don't cry the blues because you have a different interpretation of the law then he does. Because at the end of the day, he is the one that is right, and to prove him wrong is likely more of a hassle then it's worth.

I know a few troopers that would love to see you drive through with that. They'll have a wrecker called to tow it away before you even have a chance to argue with them, that's just the way they are.
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Don't adhere strictly to what Cowlitz says. The ULTIMATE decision rests with your DMV (MVD). Check YOUR state's requirements and GET THEM IN WRITING. There is no need to go to the added expense of getting a Class B CDL if your state does NOT require it. What you will ultimately have to do, though, is to thoroughly familiarize yourself with driving a larger vehicle, sometimes with different steering geometry, and with driving a vehicle equipped with air brakes. Air brakes DO handle differently than hydraulic brakes.

And, yes, do get travel insurance for this new beast, should you desire to purchase it. If you're involved in an accident without it, your fault, their fault, nobody's fault, you WILL pay dearly.
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Originally Posted by cowlitzcoach View Post
Not true CaptSquid.

The use of the vehicle does not determine if it requires a CDL.

Companies, churches, and youth groups around the country have to maintain CDL drivers and USDOT requirements if they own vehicles that have a passenger capacity in excess of 15-pax including the driver.

Even if the only people who ride on their buses are their own people who do not pay anything to ride on those buses, those entities still are required to meet all USDOT requirements to operate a vehicle that requires a CDL driver.
My church has its own bus WITHOUT a DOT number and the driver does NOT have a CDL, because IT'S NOT REQUIRED.
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i checked with a local trooper and I don't need a cdl to drive my bus. Unconverted.
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It's chill pill time.

This is just a discussion, not a war. Just like people here have different interpretations, so do the officers from state to state and within states. In California, you don't need a USDOT number unless crossing state lines but we have CA numbers for different vehicles. If you have a one ton pickup and take off the bed and install a flatbed like many farmers do, it is no longer a pickup and triggers the CA number. You are also not exempt from passing up the scales.
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How's your bus working out for you? I drove past it a few times last year. Looked like someone did a nice job on it.
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