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Re: Engine noise on a flat nose

Mine is very noisy. Earplugs or muffs are a must. A stereo would have to be turned to 11+ to overcome the noise.

My favored solution is a pair of Silencio earmuffs, and MP3 player earbuds underneath for tunes.

Dorky looking, yes, but I am driving a bus.
Bus conversion/info here
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Bus Crazy
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Re: Engine noise on a flat nose

Originally Posted by dentedvw
I have essentially the bus you are looking for. 5.9 front engine Thomas. It's loud, for sure. I plan on finding more/better insulation for the engine area, but I can deal for now. We are taking a trip to Texas, from Michigan at the end of the week. I am bringing earplugs, not just for the motorcycles either!
Haven't even had time to put the stereo in, unfortunately. Might do it en route.
Some things are easy to get to on this engine, and some are near impossible. Unluckily for us, the water pump was buggered on ours, and I waited too long to get to it, and it's at the shop right now, and won't be out until Friday. Yes, the day we leave. Doesn't leave much time for packing, or even preparing the unfinished bus, you know! It's okay, it's all we have to get there in, so it's going to be ready enough.

I would have liked a rear engine, but I couldn't find one that suited our needs. I like the handicapped lift, but it's pretty weak, it can barely lift a dirt bike (400lbs), and it's going to have a lot of trouble lifting the bigger bikes we are supposed to be putting in Friday, a KTM950 ADV and a dakar prepped BMW. I am pretty worried, because we don't have a ramp, and I don't think I have even seen one long or strong enough to get bikes in the back anyway.

I would be on the lookout for one with a GOOD lift in it. Ours broke the first time I tried to use it, the chain snapped. I have repaired it, hastily, but it might break again on this trip yet. Hope not.
Find someone junking a U-Haul or similar truck. Grab the's good for 1000lbs & should fit the emergency door of the bus.

Your lift uses a chain? As in: a motorcycle drive chain? And you have motorcycles? And tools? (If you don't see where this is going, I'm gonna throw something at you!)

Also: look at the bottom of the doghouse. If it's as bare as I expect, Dynamat the heck outta everything.
Optimism is a mental disorder.
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Re: Engine noise on a flat nose

Originally Posted by bus-ted
not trying to jinx you Dented, but I think you're inviting trouble by hoping your lift will work for your bikes. I'm not going to try and think up worse case scenarios, but it sounds like it could get pretty stressful at the least. Out of curiosity, what happens when the chain breaks under load? I've never had the pleasure of messing w/ a w.c.lift.
I think I'd try to come up w/ a ramp pretty quick, myself. Good luck to you.
I drive transit bus and none of our lifts are operated off a chain anymore. I think all skoolies are the same now, side door with lift that extends out and then down. they all use hydro to operate and I lift some huge loads. it is not uncommon to lift a 450 pound person and 200 lbs of chair all at once. it is sometimes a strain, but does work. I have only had two failures, both times was broken hydro hose and both times the lift just slowly sank to ground. it is kindof like a floor jack on steroids.

No matter what, i would not leave home without a ramp as a just-in-case.
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Re: Engine noise on a flat nose

We lifted a few average dual sport bikes, and one pretty darn heavy KTM monster dirt bike/dirt tour/dakar beast and no problem at all, really, other than slow. It was weird when the chain broke after the lift was unweighted, and on the ground. Yes, we will have to make a backup emergency ramp as well, no problem at all. It will get done.
The chain is heavier than motorcycle chain. It was not maintained properly, it appeared to have simply frozen up and bent instead of flexing at the joints, then broke.
Pretty sure what would happen is it would sink slowly to the ground. From the sound, it's hydraulic and chain, but it depends upon where the chain breaks I suppose. I may just keep my eyes peeled for someone here selling a full hydraulic setup. Or maybe I will replace all the chain on this one, and just keep it lubed.

Our bus is relatively quiet. I was pretty surprised. A handful of air leaks up front that let not only cold air in, but engine noise, but we can take care of them with some creative insulation techniques, silicone, closed cell foam, spray foam with silicone on top, etc. As long as it doesn't interfere with the operation of the engine lid, or anything else, it's going to get covered with something. Got to be sure and not restrict any airflow to the area surrounding the engine of course though. Some worn spots on the rubber seal of the floor/engine lid, but we can replace the seal or modify the lid to meet it better. Right now, it's livable. Don't have to yell, or turn the radio up to uncomfortable levels yet. Pretty pleased overall.
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Re: Engine noise on a flat nose

I own a flat nose front engine 5.9 cummins, while i was campaigning for Lt Governor. I put up with the noise because the time it takes to do it right and comfoprtable could not be spent. a couple of things i did to really help. We wanted to use the back to haul harrleys for trips so we needed the back 8 foot and 5 or 6 inches, to haul motorcycles.
but back to the noise.

I took the exhaust and run it over the top instead of out the side or bottom. this helped some then I closed off the front door, built it in solid added a passenger seat, then the heigth of the bottom of the driver seat to the passenger seat built a doghouse over the exhisting dog house. then came down the side of the dog house next to the drivers seat with carpet. hand stitched to velcro to place next to drivers foot or gas pedal. the difference is amasing. to get rid of alll road noise, is easier than that if your just starting out......"IF" your just starting out. this will be long but i will tell you how and why as i tell you what to do... After you build the dog House over the exhisting dog house you will see if you think and you do it right you can take 2 regular bus seat bottoms and place on the dog house between front drivers and passenger seat lay a mattress pad over it and you have yet another bed. handy as a shirt paocket.

While I was running for Lt Gov. at first i had a pickup with topper to stay in back and save money.... Because i am a contractor I also know the 1/4 inch corraplas signs have insulatioin and sound deadening princilpes...we put them on the sid eof topper and floor of truck for warmth and quiet. wow what a difference.. so as i ran accross old cmapaign signs that were going to the dump anyway. I picked them up for the bus sidewalls and floors.
I completely boxed in the front wheel wells first with blanket insulation then plywood then corraplast, then we put the bench seats sideways, over top for benches to sit/beds to sleep. Then Just before I put down the benches with drawers under them on the floor i put down 1 4x8 sheet of corraplast. then the carpet over it, a friend used linoleum, another tile, it is all the same. depends on preference.

we also took all the windows out put a 2x4 top and bottom in the window (this helps to bolt things on to in the future as well) then we put a sheet of corraplast and then plywood over it on the walls.
The difference is beyond belief. in noise factor. as well as heat factor Busses can be hard to cool with mid day sun, the windows out then covered with orrapas and plywood is a huge difference.
now relize we can probably afford a new rv. I chose the bus a 2000 bluebird 5.9 cummins/allison. looks part availability reliability, fuel mileage and finally safety!!! .... have you saw the pictures of manufactured rvs in roll over or side impact. I will tell you that even if a train hits you at 60 unless you are setting right where the train hits you will walk away safe. Then I love to tinker so we went with a bus...

go for it with the front deisel, leaave 8 foot 6 inches in back for motorcycles, tools generators etc, and hit the road... hope this helps... as soon as i fugure out how we will post pictures. Lol
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Re: Engine noise on a flat nose

my 89 bluebird flatnose has 5.9 cummins turbo diesel straight 6 cilinder and it is really quiet. sitting right next to the driver
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