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Haven't got to the rear of the bus yet, but did replace all the other ugly bus lights...14, 5 red 11 amber with "GROTE" lights, $11. each cdn from Fort Gary Inc. TRUCK-LITE also makes them.

"MULE BUS" thread there's pics....having some 'puter issues with pics for some reason? ...keeps shutting down.
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Thanks for the confirmation about not having rear constant ambers, cadillackid. I guess I'll skip that part of the wiring or put a switch in.
My project: The Cruel Bus
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Originally Posted by RHOMBUS View Post
I will be running jumper wires between similar lights. The left and right side have their own connections all the way to the panels by the driver. Side marker lights will also be tied in, including 3 lowers on each side tied in to the blinking circuit. I will be isolating the marker lights with a switch and momentary-off button to "wink" at larger vehicles as necessary, as well as an interrupt for all exterior illumination except the headlights. The side marker lights can also be flipped to blue if I choose to help me identify my bus at night in a conjested area, such as burning man.
Did you have to do any special added equipment for your lights? Or did you direct wire them with no issues?
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I am replacing the Stop, Tail, Turn signals on mine and I went with 4 red Truck-Lite LED tail lights. Turn signals do not have to be amber, and I want all 4 of 'em lit up at night for maximum visibility and redundancy. Though now that I think about it, I could rewire the rear alternating flashers to Stop/tail/turn functions as well.
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I've been curious to know if that's legal to use the upper flasher light for tail lights, but I don't see why not. My previous idea was to put headlights in them, but apparently that's illegal without covering them. I don't want to be climbing up there to uncover lights. Extra tail lights sounds good, especially if you're towing anything.
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The original Stop/Tail/Turn lights are mandatory, anything else is optional. Actually I'm kind of paraphrasing here, but I see no reason the upper lights can't serve as secondary S/T/T signals, some trucks set up their trailers this exact way. I drove for one company that set up high-mounted S/T/T *INSIDE* the trailer doors ... we unloaded farm equipment on ramps which obstructed the lower lights, and lights mounted on the doors would not be visible when said doors were open. I have a copy of the FMCSA rulebook which has all the DOT lighting specifications for trucks, buses, etc. I would assume if we comply with everything listed in that, we will be good no matter where we go (at least in the U.S.). I don't have it in front of me, but as I recall, Stop/Tail/Turn lights are supposed to be between 24-60" from the ground ... rear facing, steady burning lights should be red ... (rear) amber lights for turn signal use only ... white for reverse lights ... other lights (such as work lights, secondary S/T/T, alternating flashers) are allowed but generally should not be on when going down the road. If converting the alternating flashers to stop/turn usage, their new operation should be fairly obvious.
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