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Floorplan questions

I am in the process of planning out my bus, but there are just a few things that i cannot decide on. maybe some advice is out there for me.

what is the minimum width of a bed that would be comfortable to sleep on?

if you have a TV, what is the layout of the seats around it? everything i come up with seems like the TV would be right in your face.

is it worth it to install a shower if i plan on going camping every once in awhile? or does it take up too much room to be useful unless i plan on living in my bus? (which i dont)

is it possible to put in too much insulation to the point where my bus is just a pressure cooker in the summer?

do you have to bolt down furnature, or is it possible to just sit it down and not drive like a maniac?

is it more efficient to have multiple, smaller heating units, or one large one for the whole bus?

is setting up an inverter and outlets horribly difficult and i should hire an electrician, or is it something you could pull off yourself without blowing everything up?

thanks a lot for any advice
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Re: Floorplan questions

1. width of the bed depends on the width of person(s) sleeping in it

2. I think the tv should be high and at the opposite end of the majority of seating

3. Shower? that's really gonna have to be up to you, 2 day camping trips once in a while or 2 week camping trips once in a while? campground camping or wilderness camping?

4. Too much inadequate ventilation due to insulation layout and excessive heat due to inadequate insulation from heat sources (engine trans exhaust etc) yes

5. anything that you wish to leave mobile and not bolt down should have a means of securement for travel

6. One heating unit is more efficient, multiple units allow you to still have heat if one unit fails and can be powered from different fuels allowing flexibility in heating with what may be available

7. there are instructions here for inverter installation though personally I think I am going to run 12v wiring throughout my bus and install multiple lower wattage point of use inverters throughout, again if one fails I still have 110, I don't have high voltage wiring throughout the bus, for me its a simpler installation
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Re: Floorplan questions

Yeah i dont know how to upload pictures, but try this link

Can you tell me what you think?

and by the way, the blank spot across from the couch is where a projector screen is going to be set up
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Re: Floorplan questions

wiki "bed" and it will give you all standard but widths. im thinking of putting my bed three feet from the rear of the bus as to leave bike storage room. the bed will extend 7 foot so theres plenty of pillow to edge interface and blanket push off landing pad at the foot. the full width of the bed so as to sleep two couples in a pinch... it may be overkill but i find that at home i do alot of paper projects in bed and pile stuff next to me... if its not bolted down then everyone needs to be prepared at all times not to be but infeasible to really be prepared like that. it wont happen often but once or twice might be enough.
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Re: Floorplan questions

Anyone? that drawing is to scale
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Re: Floorplan questions

I dont have a bus yet, but that hasnt stopped me from planning out different floor plans...

Hope this link works...

Its suppose to be a Forty Foot Bus, but ideas will change around as needed for wheel wells, windows, tank mounting and stuff... The box at the back is a deck, and the bed is a full (not a Full XL.). Oh, and the cabinets are mostly 26" square, as this is generally the size of most of the stoves, ovens, ranges, and washing machines...

oh, here...

Name Mattress Sizes
Twin Mattress 39" wide x 75" long
Twin XL Mattress 39" wide x 80" long
Full Mattress 54" wide x 75" long
Full XL Mattress 54" wide x 80" long
Queen Mattress 60" wide x 80" long
Cal-King Mattress 72" wide x 84" long
King Mattress 76" wide x 80" long
King Split Mattress 76" wide x 80" long (Two Twin XL Mattresses)
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