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Thanks both, Chris and Brad. When I get a chance to personally check things out, I like to look, feel, and smell all the fluids. Smell can tell me a lot. I will get to call, and maybe get my hands on the records, for the last 9yrs. Prior to that the bus was owned by a university, and I feel comfortable in thinking that it had been serviced properly.

Onward thru MY fog.....
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Originally Posted by EastCoastCB View Post
Looks like about a 35 footer? Looks like a nice bus in the pic.
You looking to drive it cross country, live in it, or just have a rad RV?
If you're gonna spend a ton of time on the interstate, then go for big engine.
It will be our "tiny" house for the upcoming years.
We will use it for travelling also but we will take our time. All I wanted it's to buy a bus with no repairs needed, I will have enough to do with the conversion. ;)
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As a friend recently reminded me if something breaks it can be replaced.
The best thing i have learned in all these years of repairs is that repairs take time.
I enjoy the repair sooo much more when i have another vehicle to drive to get parts. lol and also like the recent bad brake line repair i just did; the lines i ordered turned out to be incorrect, ok... found a local place that made lines... they made 'em incorrect. lol ok... so now i am three days into a simple hose repair. Then the rain came and i was delighted to have the sense to not try and force the repair, let it rain and waited for a dry day to finish. All in all replaced all the brake hoses and never lost myself to frustration. worh the wait.
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I agree with cary on repairs... since the bus for me isnt a home or anything more than really a toy.. though I use it for work and for play with friends.. when something needs worked on i can shut it down for days if need-be..

even a breakdown on the road for me isnt the end of the world... sure hotels get pricey.. but since i can work from anywhere i have internet I can just hole up and wait for parts...

im not sure how I would fair if the bus was my main means of getting around and also my home too... I think id end up stressing alot more about it than I do..

I dare say though that unless its a craxy urgent matter that its worth the time to learn about and make a proper repair rather than the fastest repair... after all the only thing worse than a breakdown repair is having to make the same repair again in a few months or a year because it wasnt done properly..

I also have a different view of such things because I am a pretty fast learner and in general decent with mechanical and electrical stuff... and the fact im a Bus geek more than anything.. so the busses for me need to be a source of positive energy.... when it isnt, I have the luxury of putting it away for awhile until im ready..
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