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Year: 1991
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Chassis: International 3800
Engine: DT466
Rated Cap: 65 passenger
How have you modified the cockpit?

Well, that's what I call the drivers area.

I have taken out all of the ceiling and wall panels, except for the front "header". That's mainly because I don't want to take down and remount the mirror. I'm going to do that next.

I also have stopped at the controls to the left of the driver.

I have taken out the PA mic (didn't work) and the tape deck. I am going to take out the 8 way flasher which is in that box to the left.

I thought about leaving the box there, but looking inside of it there is a rat's nest of wires that I'm going g to be taking out. There is also so much dust, filth, grim, and stink inside there that I don't want it in my bus.

I know there are a few motors in there for a fan and I think the driver's windshield wiper.

I kind of want to take the whole thing apart and clean it and rebuild it.

What have you done? Can you post (or link to) some pics?

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Bus Crazy
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So far all I have done is open up the control panel, check the lights for it and remove evidence of critters, remove instrument cluster, replace dead bulbs in it. Aside from that, it's pretty much factory stock. The Mylar-circuit-sheet for the gauges leaves much to be desired, the voltage gauge is not reading (correctly) after re-installation and I'm not sure how the new lights are doing. I would like to re-gear the bus at some point and this will need speedometer correction; I would like to replace it with an electronic one (the current one is mechanical). ...

... At that point, replacing a speedometer with an electronic version and messing with a voltage gauge and fussy Mylar circuit sheet, I would be tempted to scrap all that and replace all the gauges and lights with new aftermarket ones, using a sheet of metal to mount them in. For now, it seems like "a lot of fix for a little problem".....
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Location: Manitou Springs, CO
Posts: 213
Year: 1991
Coachwork: Ward
Chassis: International 3800
Engine: DT466
Rated Cap: 65 passenger

I haven't taken off the front ceiling piece, mainly because I don't want to take off the mirror, fans, and visor and remount them, but I'll be doing that soon.

I am also hesitant to take off the piece above the door because I don't want to have to remount the door. Anyone have thoughts on this?

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I ripped every last bit of it out and plan to build my own dash.

Insanity behind the dash:

Behind the face:

All gone:

The plan is to spread out the components more, make easier access to the systems, and insulate where I can. Removing the heater and blower will help add room.
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thus far I removed all the old wiring for the school lights, stop sign, flasher controllers and such which cleaned up my wiring console.. Next I tore apart the Bergstrom heater unit under the wiring compartment and realized its a disaster.. so im taking and gutting that heater cabinet and installing 2 new units inside of it.. one is a dash-A/C and driver heat unit.. and then a second smaller dedicated heater for the left windshield defroster..

Ive made the Dashboard air vent ducts but have not installed them yet.. im also HushMatting all of the firewall area and removed / recaulking all of the firewall pass-throughs for wires, pipes, air hoses, etc.. this will cut down on engine heat..

on the right side I am disassembling the heater unit by the door, replacing both motors and cleaned the coils.. it is in pretty good shape already was just noisy motor bearings..

sorry I havent any pics up yet ive been busy with work, light shows for Pride and actually using the Bus as a Bus for the events so I didnt want to tear it completely down.. now I'll have some more time to complete the cockpit rebuild..

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"How have you modified the cockpit?"

A lot. To begin, what was once my dash is now my firewall. Having installed a Cummins 4BTAA, it had to be moved back about 18" to make room for the engine. Still working on it all as fitting the new steering and pedals is a bit tricky. Also, there is the Doghouse to be fabricated over the back of the motor. Then there is the pilots seat. It is from an '02 Camery. All mechanical but I added a rotating, 2 way slide mechanism from a boat that moves side to side as well as front to rear. With any luck (actually a LOT of luck)...I hope to be able to rotate the seat and use it as my Lazy Boy when docked. Most of the gauges will be mounted on a panel to the left of the seat with the basic gauges above the windshield. This area is VERY tight, so it will take a fair amount of creativity to cram everything in. No idea as yet where I will hang the "dash air" components.
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