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Moving furniture

I would like the front part of the bus to be my living room. I would like to have, for example, 2 5' futons that face forward when in transit, so that guests can enjoy the view without getting carsick, but when parked, I would like them to be against the side walls. When traveling I would like them to be sinched to the floor. Any way to do this without leaving holes and hardware in the floor when using it as a living room?
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Originally Posted by pengyou View Post
5' futons that face forward when in transit,
Futons are flat, squishy things that roll nicely.

If you want Walmart Futon Couches to be movable seating while being attached to the floor for safety....

Maybe draw us a picture? Having trouble visualizing, but like the idea.
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First thing that comes to my mind is some sort of recessed tie-down like this

I'd paint it dark or to match the floor. It's still visible, but would probably be to the side, and not in the center aisle/walking area. Have a D-ring attached to the back leg of the futon and lock it down with a strap or even a padlock. It all depends on how things are laid out and how the futon is constructed. I'd probably want seat belts of some sort, but that's just me.

I like your idea for multi-functional furniture.
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Unless you can figure out a way of embedding super magnets under the floor, then the answer is NO.

Pengyou, please think over your questions before asking them. More often as not, you already have the answer.
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facing right side of the bus.. you are inside. you are behind the stairwell and looking out the side windows..

why not mount your futon so its on a pivot.. and put 2 rubber coated casters on the right-hand end.. and one on the left rear end..

the other end has a pivot that is centered on the left rear leg and welded to the frame and to the bus frame.

when you are in living room mode you pivot the futon to the side of the bus sideways.. brakes on the wheels keep that end from rolling. or you could put a latch against the bus wall to hold it..

when driving you pivot it frontways.. the side closest to the wall is stopped against the wall.. and the brakes on the caster wheels keep it from moving.. guests look out the right-front windshield.

to sleep you pivot it to the road-drive position and then drop the back down flat..

no your guests wont be strapped in like seats.. but it leaves no hardware on the floor and it shouldnt move under normal driving conditions..
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