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Re: Mr. Heater propane heater

Turns out it worked pretty well. I wasn't too worried about it as the temp got just just above freezing and with people coming and going at all hours of the night and having three windows cracked it provided plenty of ventilation.
I am going to purchase a CO1 detector for when it gets colder out and we will use less ventilation but I'm not really planning on sleeping on the bus much more this winter. I can say that a single element Mr. Heater inside a bus that has plenty of air leaks works very well. We had several people join us on Saturday morning who were freezing and came into the bus to warm up.

one more thing:

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Re: Mr. Heater propane heater

I installed that ventless heater yesterday. I don't want to hijack this post so I wrote about it on the post I started last year about heat...

you can find it here... viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1532&p=18470#p18470
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Re: Mr. Heater propane heater

i had a great idea....i think.

When it comes to heat in teh new bus, which i don't have yet, a great idea popped into my head.

Why not install a 40 gallon 40K btu propane domestic hot water heater in the bus? I could run the water from the heater through a radiator inside the bus to create hot air to keep us warm while we construct this winter...or better yet could be used in radiant in floor heating or both. The water could also be used to heat the jacuzzi when stationary. New hot water heaters have electronic ignition, and the exhaust doesn't require a chimney, just black plastic pipe that can even be vented out a wall.

basically i would be using the water heater as a boiler. difference is that a boiler costs 20X more money, and weighs 10X as much. The idea came to me because my father got radiant in floor supplemental heating instaleld in his house running off a hot water heater.

i think a boiler is probably more efficient, but thats the only downside i can think of...
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Re: Mr. Heater propane heater

At the risk of adding redundancy to this thread, I'll weigh in on it. I use electric baseboard heaters in my bus (and in my current travel trailer) almost exclusively. I have them plugged into dedicated outlets that are controled by a 120vac line voltage thermostat. The baseboard units are low to the floor and do not tip over, they do not 'glow red' and have little to fear about 'combusability' problems, and since they are on the floor which is the coldest part of the room, the heat created along a broad element pulls the cold air up from below and creates a good deal of heat. I have one in the back that is set on 600watts, and one in the front that is set on 750watts...this does very well.

Now, on those nights when temps drop to the teens I suspect the front room of the bus will be difficult for that one heater to keep up with, and I'm planning on adding one of those propane ventless heaters....but that won't be used at night, only for evening use. I think the small heater in the bedroom will be more than adequate as I like to sleep in a cool/cold enviroment anyway.

I also have a ducted RV Propane furance, but I have not yet installed that. I may get around to it, but it's only for an emergency back-up should I find myself without electricity for the baseboard units. The RV furnace in my Trailer will use a 20# bottle of propane in a day or so...too expensive for using for any length of time...

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Re: Mr. Heater propane heater

Hey Jason-

That idea is a good one and something that is not untried so the potential exists for it to work for you. In fact, systems exist that go the other way as well where the boiler feeds the domestic water heater via a heat exchanger as another zone. I certainly think it could work. The domestic watre heater isn't going to kick out water as hot as a boiler, but they sure are cheap and can be very efficient.
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Re: Mr. Heater propane heater

What about hooking up the water heater to one of the heater cores that was under the seat. Separate one of the heater cores from coolant and run it off the water heater. Use a coolant pump like this one.

Here's a picture of my heater core. I don't know if all the busses have them.

When I was coming back from AZ, the bus heaters made the bus very toasty in 5-10 minutes. That was a 40' bus. I think it would be more than ample.
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