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Originally Posted by Ironwindow View Post
Google sketch up and Google draw are not the same thing.

Google sketch up is a very detailed 3D CAD type system. I have a friend who does design work for UbiSoft and he will do a lot of his stuff in Sketch up before he does it in Maya.

If Google Sketch up doesn't work for you then maybe a good old fashioned pencil, ruler, and piece of paper would be the way to go.

As far as wanting things down to the mil, you're not going to find that. I work on buses for a living, they're put together by people, not robots and computers. A lot of times it's just someone with a tape measure and a drill installing stuff. An air tank might appear to be hanging in the exact same spot when you look at it, but if you go to measure, they're going to be a little different on each bus.
Why would I ever want to deal with toys provide by incapable designer of Google, when I have the Autodesk program, far more usable, far more capable to meet my need? Ever heard of CATIA, that is used in billion dollar commercial aircraft development program? I'm familiar with this setup, no need to lower my standard, trying to deal with program written for amateurs.

Model any part in computer, including all details so that I can spit out on a printer, then send it out to who knows where, but parts can be made without single phone call. Too bad I don't have the fancy graphic card that renders my model as if I'm looking at a photographic image. That is my understanding of computer modeling. I can do a stress analysis, if the material I chose will perform as I want, I can do a reliability prediction, and computer does all the calculation lets me know where I need to beef up, that is computer modeling.
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Originally Posted by Scooternj View Post
I second the "Don't build your plan before you own your bus" motif in this thread. I had a few rough designs sketched up in MS Visio that I posted on here, and adjusted before I got my bus. Once I got my bus, I went over it with a tape measure, pad and pencil and finalized my design.

I've also talked to the nearest International dealer near me (Wolfington Bus) with the body # and able to get all sorts of useful information out of the build sheet.

By the way, I've got about 200 sq feet of floor space in my RE to work with; not 40
I always thought the visio is to make charts and schematics, you must be pretty talented to transfer your ideas into that program. Now you can understand why I'm desperately looking for a computer aided design, I'm at a age I can not do a simple multiplication or my brain is going soft on me... you're right it's definitely >200 sq ft.
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Have complete control of what you want, know the material and scope of work before you send out to outsider, and don't ever allow slack, an opportunity to walk all over your hard work without justifiable cause. Some will try to amend your design out of ration, but most will do that to economize their cost, and if you appear to be stupid to outsider, not knowing what you wanted, then you're an open season to them.
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Here's the last I'm going to say on this topic. I can understand your desire to get all your dimensions in early. Prior planning prevents piss poor performance. That being said, your attitude has been piss poor. The members on here have offered their suggestions, yet you've belittled them. Maybe you should sit back and think for a moment that you're pissing off a very knowledgeable community of home builders and converters with your attitude towards everything.
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Always have a "Plan B" in mind when doing a bus conversion... (and Plan C,D E, F G,...)
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