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I think that should work just fine. The tops are supposed to be leqakproof as that's what they put radioactive waste (like gloves, jumpsuits, etc) in at nuke plants. JB Weld or silicone is just cheap insurance.
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i wanted to use the open top 55 gal drums sideways under the bus for veggie oil. I did seome R/D using water, and i could not make the drums stop leaking when turned on their sides. I tried several different lids and locking mechanisms and even tried a few different gaskets and couldn't find a combination that worked. I'm certian they do not leak when they are brand new, but i couldn't figure out what i was doing wrong.
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Just had a thought....
depending on what the drums are made out of , it should say right on the drum, you might get fittings hand- or spin-welded on if you're near a place that does tanks and/or plastics repairs.
And there ARE those fittings that kinda clamp on.....
Some RV catalogs carry the tanks, parts and spin-weld tools in their catalogs; Crossroads RV does, anyway, I'm sure there are others.

I've done plastic welding, you need a steady (fairly large, volume-wise) air source and the welding tool, along with the appropriate plastic welding rods. The welds are just as strong as the original plastic.

Look for a body shop nearby that does plastic body and bumper repairs; also, some motorcycle shops repair plastics (that's what I did), as some bike plastics can run into the BIG Bux !!!
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