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Dont folks cut the ribs to add a VW bus on the top for more space?
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Raising the roof

Originally Posted by infamousmoose View Post
no its cool, i totally dont think your trying to argue, but yes only in the open spaces inbetween the ribs. and just as a small space for a little extra head room when we're in bed, we plan on doing kennels under our bed so our head space will be around 3 ft. adding a little pop up seemed to be the cheaspest easiest route
You wouldn't believe how easy it is to raise the whole roof without losing any structural strength amazing when I was showing how!
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yeah, I cut the roof off a bus and we raised it. they're overbuilt. roof raise is not as hard as many think.
Roll Your Own Build Thread
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Originally Posted by ol trunt View Post
My bus came with a ready made boxed in opening in the roof so I went with a pop up.



this looks too cool!awesome job!
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Originally Posted by Tanker Pilot View Post
So are you talking about just doing a pop-up on a small section between the ribs? One? More than one? My ribs are only 26 inches apart for the majority of my bus. Then you still have the low clearance between even multiple sections. It sounds like a good way to let air and light in, but then you lose roof space for solar, A/C or a deck if you wanted any of those items. Interested to see what you do! Cheers, J

mostly this poptop area would be for our bed, were doing a raised bed for kennels and storage under and were thinking of doing a poptop just for that. as far as solar goes i believe we will have more than enough space and if theres some space left over we might wanna do a roof deck but i doubt we will go that direction
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Originally Posted by infamousmoose View Post
we would only need a couple well placed and could be put down or up easily as needed (mostly head space from our raised bed or living room for spacial openness)
If you're just worried about headspace for your bed, and it's in the back of the bus, it probably wouldn't be the end of the world if 1 rib was cut. I wouldn't cut more than one and I wouldn't cut it anywhere but in the very back of the bus.
Ex-school bus driver looking forward to living in a bus someday & traveling with my husband, 3 girls, & our dog.
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Pop top

Just wanted to see if there is any follow up on this subject? Or if you ended up not following thru with it? I am in the same boat and I am looking at either purchasing the complete pop top off a Westfalia I found for about $1000 or for about $2000 shipped its the Turret Top older ones that match the curved roof buying a new one from the link posted on here earlier and thatís with shipping. I think the exchange rate is favorable still.

My pre school 2001 Chevy gets 13/14 mpg and I would like more head room. Thatís the main reason I want to do it. I like that my bus is low and does not have dual rear wheels. I also like the mpgís But it lacks headroom. If I wanted a taller bus I know I could roof raise or buy a dually bus thatís 6 6Ē on the inside. I already had one and sold it. This is purely for travel, and not for living in.

I plan on removing 1 or 2 ribs in the middle and then reinforcing the edge with 1 1/2Ē square steel tubing. I know everyone just cringed, but having gutted mine and seen how solid it is compared to a normal van or camper Iím not worried.
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Pop tops

Found this site not sure if anyone has used them or anyone else like them yet. They make a ton of different ones including universal ones with all hardware included and shipped it works out to a little over $2000 for several of there models.
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I'm actually working something similar into my build. Designing it along the lines of a hard top pop up camper. Working off of a roof top deck with strategically placed post supports that will house the lift post system. I think a better way to describe it would be, kind of like a car lift. Only with cable operation and not hydraulic.(2 12 volt winches synced to lift.) The only modification would be to one of the roof hatch openings, making it longer for stair access to the 2nd floor. Stair design is still in the works.
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extra space, head room, pop top

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